I’m Splitting Up With My Blog

Office Space Smash A Little Back Story My first WordPress site was just a place to archive articles I had written for other online publications and/or academic assignments. Knowing how links can get lost, and files misplaced, I always wanted the info stored online somewhere Read more [...]

Chicken Bone Broth, Composting, Etsy and Pendulums

bonebroth Current status: bone broth in the crock pot, flavored coffee in the Aeropress, almond milk in the mug waiting for the coffee, a cup full of used coffee grounds for composting in the background, and researching "DIY compost bins" in my other tab in my Read more [...]

How to Care for Chalk Cloth: Reblog From Modern June

To Cure, or Not to Cure, That Is the Question! Got questions about chalkcloth? Kelly McCants, owner of ModernJune and Oilcloth Addict, answers them all for you in this really great write up! If you're into Chalk Cloth crafts and fun, you can pick up Read more [...]

Oatmeal Cookie PreMade Mix

I have no idea how much money you'll save doing this, but the Betty Crocker mixes are my kids' (and John's!) favorite cookies. At almost $2 per bag, and only about 18 cookies per bag, it gets pricey with a house full of teens who can devour a tray of Read more [...]