Treadmill Desk Day 2

I’m just finishing up my 2nd day of working while walking on the treadmill desk.

Day 2 Treadmill Desk Stats

  • 1.5 mph (this is a very comfortable pace for me to walk, type, and think all at the same time.)
  • 2.97 miles covered
  • 1% grade added for resistance
  • 120 minutes
  • 500 calories burned (calculated here: Walking Calorie Burn Calculator. Treadmill calculated 368 cals, so that’s pretty close!)

After my first day on the treadmill desk, I didn’t return to it for the following two days due to laziness, actually. But I’m aiming for 5 out of 5 days this work week, and will take the weekend off. I have to say – this really helps me get my calorie burn in for the day w/o taking up any additional “mom time” from the kids/family. That is a really hard thing to balance.

It’d be fun to develop a little widget for the blog so I could keep a running list of the stats there. Maybe I’ll look into that when I have time to think about all the styling needs this blog has. So. Yeah, that’s probably NOT going to happen. :)

Fun News: A New to Me Treadmill!!

In fun news:  John picked up a 2nd treadmill for me that is much quieter. We’re going to be setting up that treadmill in the office and then we’ll leave this treadmill in the garage for running.  (The kids like to run on it.) Thank you city-wide bulk trash clean up weekend!  There was a 100% working – almost new – treadmill sitting at the “dump” site. John was over there this morning disposing of some things, plugged the treadmill in and it worked great so YAY!!  A free treadmill!! (Which is actually the newer model of the exact same treadmill I’m using now – so that’s double-y awesome!)

NOT So Fun News: Trochanteric Bursitis

In not fun news, I’m dealing with Trochanteric Bursitis, developed from sitting in a chair, with my legs crossed under me, for 40+ hrs/week for the last 2 yrs. I don’t know why I’m always prone to injury, but it seem to be just how it goes with me. I’m using the treadmill desk instead of the sitting desk in an effort to 1) change work positions and get the weight off my hip and 2) move and thus increase blood flow so that when I stretch the hip out after walking it’s super warmed up and loose. I’ve also switched my desk chair to something that makes it impossible to cross my legs while sitting. Much to my chagrin.

Of course you want to know what helps my hip the most?!?

Correctly aligning my spine while sitting and/or walking, using my abdominal wall to lengthen my lumbar and lift my weight up out of my pelvis. Also known as: everything I teach my beginning ballet students!

But, thankfully (via Twitter) I found out my friend, Shawn, had the same problem last year and he shared with me exactly the stretching information I need for helping to get things settled down. Body is just out of balance. Between walking, stretching, icing and inflammatory meds I should have this feeling better soon. If not, I guess I’ll go see the Dr. in a week or two, but I honestly don’t think they’ll be able to do anything for it except refer to Orthopedics and get pressured to take a steroid shot – which I’ll refuse to do.






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The Treadmill Desk v1.0

Life Hacking with a Treadmill Desk

Sparing you from any lengthy pontification as to how we’ve arrived here: introducing the treadmill desk  John and I have hacked together.


Treadmill Desk v1.0

Treadmill Desk Workstation Setup

  • The desk flips up and lays flush against the wall so I can actually use the treadmill for running if I want.
  • John attached a backstop to the desk to keep me from pushing the laptop off! (A likely scenario.)
  • That backstop actually acts as a ledge on the other side of the desk. So when the desk is pushed up against the wall, I can set my tablet up and watch a movie or whatever, while running.  **VERY Efficient use of space.**
  • John added some details to make sure the tablet stays in place and doesn’t get knocked off while running.
  • And – he thought to add the power strip so I could charge whatever I needed to without fighting to access the outlet that lives behind the treadmill control panel.
  • Total financial investment: $20 for some hardware, the wood and desktop. I bought this treadmill 9yrs ago. And that’s why I’m not dropping $1200+ for a “treadmill desk.” 

Presently this resides in the garage (next to the grill… ??) until we finalize all the details and then we’ll move everything to the office. It’s spring in Texas so the garage is comfortably cool in the mornings, and a little sweat is good for the body. However, this will not work during a Texas Summer.

And I have to point out how smart John is… all this from a very crude sketch and visual explanation of what I wanted via demonstrating to John with air-motions. I’d say he’s pretty darn smart to be able to figure out what the heck I was trying to communicate.

Goals with the Treadmill Desk

  • Walk 3.1 miles per day, during the work day, at 1mph (the recommended pace for starting out.) 
  • Spend ~3 hrs each morning on the treadmill and then technically be done with needing to workout for the day as well! 
  • This may take some building up to, however I’ve been walking/running a 5k every day for the last two weeks (~3.5 mph) so we’ll see how spreading that out over a 3hr time period feels. 
  • I need to kill a few birds with one stone as I cannot seem to find a reasonable time to consistently add a workout to my day. I’ve developed a bit of a hip injury from sitting in a work chair for the last 2 yrs and the only hope of getting my hip to calm down [without a steroid shot] is changing my work setup. (And sitting on a ball was not gonna work!)
  • I do not believe this will be the end-all game for cutting out an incredibly fit physique. But, frankly, that’s not my goal. And heck, knowing me, I’ll end up walking 8hrs/day on it AND then running afterwards! :)
  • Also – if I can knock out my after-work workout – that will give me more time with my kids, who I feel have been missing me since I started working a traditional full-time schedule.

End of Post Update: Treadmill Desk, Hour 1

So…an interesting side note – so far, I’ve walked 1.35 miles and have burned 245 calories over the course of the morning (74 mins.) All I did was set up my computers, log in to WP, and start writing. (And…actually this blog post was much longer, but I figured I’d spare you the lengthy discussion on WHY I have needed/wanted a treadmill desk – so I just deleted like 3 paragraphs.)

Oh, and yes – yes this is a huge perk of working from home! 



This blog post was powered by Barley for WordPress – this is not an affiliate link, I just really think it is one of the best plugins I’ve ever used! If you want to blog more, go get Barley.

Weekend Update with WordPress

The blog was overhauled Saturday night when I really just wanted to write a post about Griffin. I was so annoyed with the utter lack of real usability on my blog that I just scraped it all and started fresh.

I’ve thought about digging in and restructuring but that’s going to take a lot of work and time that I just don’t have right now. Maybe in the fall?  Probably not. This will have to do. 

Unite Theme

A clean, minimalist theme with monochromatic flat colors, a responsive design, and enough customization options to personalize it: post-formats (not really utilizing yet but soon), fluid layout, threaded comments, and it’s built on Bootstrap3 which is great for reading the blog on mobile devices. Cost: free.

Barley for WordPress

A front-end, in-line editor that is allowing me to write this post without having to be in the WordPress Admin. I can’t tell you how much easier this is for me! I actually stopped blogging as often because of the clunky WP editor. A few days ago I finally published something on my Medium account and LOVED how easy it was to create content, format it, add pictures, etc. Barley is very similar. Thanks to Chris Ford at Creativity Included for the awesome suggestion! Cost: $12/yr.


For years I’ve used the Editorial Calendar. Between that and the Publicize features that come with JetPack everything was really streamlined. However, after creating content I still had to go Buffer snippets to send out to the social channels. Granted, I don’t really HAVE to do any of this – but I do. The awesome thing about CoSchedule – for me – is that it allows you to create custom snippets for sharing your content across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. And all from one location.

Granted I may have had my workflow all convoluted and there may be other solutions that resolve this, but I like the UI/UX of CoSchedule. For me, it works. And since I’m the only one writing blogs here, that’s all that really matters. :) Cost: $10/mo.

From the CoSchedule site: CoSchedule is a drag-and-drop editorial calendar for WordPress that puts your blog posts and social media messages on the same schedule.

Now, WordPress users can save time and grow traffic by scheduling blog posts and social media together on a unified drag-and-drop calendar. It‘s the content marketing calendar that WordPress is missing.

The best thing about CoSchedule is that as you drag a post from one date to another, your social media messages move with it. This allows bloggers to create a series of messages that promote their blog posts on a rolling schedule.

CoSchedule integrates with WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages.

Monthly Costs Associated with the Blog

I started thinking – those little monthly fees add up…what is this blog costing me and is it worth it?

  • Akismet: $5
  • JetPack: $0
  • Barley: $1
  • CoSchedule: $10
  • Buffer: $10
  • Hosting: $30  **Free right now, will start billing me monthly in August.
  • Domain: $1.50
  • Google Apps: $5

$62.50 per month – or $812.50 per year.

Thoughts from the Peanut Gallery


OMG $800/yr to blog?!?! We have to trim that down b/c I don’t monetize this thing….

Maybe I need to monetize it just a bit in order to not eat the cost of this because honestly, $1000 year to journal online?? Not sure that’s really money well spent since it would cost me only around $200/yr on a .com account. That’s quite a savings.

I would move it back to a account and not worry about any of this stuff, but … then I wouldn’t have Barley and would have to go back to blogging in the WP Admin. Blech.

If I’m not monetizing the blog, I don’t sell product or services, and I don’t pimp out my affiliate links…is it worth keeping a self-hosted WordPress blog?

Also – if I WAS going to start leveraging affiliate programs – what’s your favorite. As in: what has the best bang for your buck. :)




It’s the end of January, 2012. 

I answered the knock at the apartment door, not expecting anyone in particular. I’m greeted by a girlish-looking woman, nervously pacing on my doorstep. She’s come to introduce herself to me – she’s Griffin and Elvis’ mom, my 12yo son’s newest friends.

“I’m Renee. It’s nice to meet you finally. Listen, I just wanted to clear the air about something…”

Oh great…what has Ean done? I immediately start shaking my head back and forth. No. No no no… I can’t take anymore. I’ve moved 250 miles away from my marital home, having just left my husband. My Dad has just passed away. My oldest son has gotten himself in trouble with law enforcement. (All of that in 3 months time.) I really can’t handle any more drama. I’m at full capacity.

But she continues… 

“I know you’ve given Ean permission to go to church with us tonight. I just wanted to let you know, church isn’t ‘church’ – it’s actually my AA meetings. I’m a recovered alcoholic. Don’t worry it’s nothing new for us – going on 5 years. But I didn’t want Elvis or Griffin to be ashamed to tell you the truth. I like people to know up front. If you don’t want him to go – I understand. Several single parents bring their kids and the children hang out while we have our meeting.”

I stammer a coherent reply. I’ve never met anyone so open before and I knew – at this very instant – that Renee and I were going to be friends forever.

Kindred spirits. 

Her whole family consists of herself, 3 sons, her fiance and her fiance’s daughter who are around A LOT. As families, we mesh well together and close bonds are formed. Her sons become like nephews to me – and almost like step-siblings to my kids.

Griffin hits puberty. Things go downhill. Puberty is really hard on boys anyway – but Griffin is really struggling. Renee fights hard for him. I can’t even go into all of it in a blog post – but she fights. He has to know, deep down, that she loves him – even if he can’t see it for what it is right now. She gets him the help he needs and things start to improve.

We all end up moving out of those apartments about the same time. And, thankfully, we move within a mile or two of each other. The boys still see each other often and out in the country there’s a lot more room to roam, explore, and do all the things boys are supposed to do. 

Things seem to be getting better. 

But they’re not. 

It’s the Fall of 2013. 

Griffin is struggling again. Renee is at her wits end. It’s very hard being a single parent. Griffin goes to live with his grandparents. Everyone needs the break. Things seem to improve a little. It’s before Thanksgiving. Maybe if he can just get through 9th grade, things will settle down a bit for him. Puberty is so tough on kids. 

It’s the end of January, 2014. 

I talked to Renee on Wednesday evening about Griffin. Ask how he’s doing. He’s been on my mind all day. Renee mentions that she wonders if having him stay with his Grandparents is too much. Maybe it’s time to bring him back home. I’m quiet. I don’t know. I don’t have answers. I’ve been the child in the house that was being torn apart by an out of control son. I’ve been the child who didn’t want my older brother to move back home, because life was calm and stable when he wasn’t there. I’ve been there. So what do I say? 

I say nothing.

And it doesn’t matter anyway.

Because Renee calls me Thursday morning to tell me that Griffin is gone. I think she means he’s run away.


She clarifies.

That’s not at all what she means.


You are loved.

You are already missed.

It wasn’t unfixable.

It wasn’t – necessary.

We are all just heart broken. 

Oh, Internet.

Try to login to Skype today.


Have to login with my Microsoft account.

Have to login on a completely different page. isn’t good enough.


Try to cancel that account.


Have to contact Skype support.

It’s not a form – they want an email with all this information.

Moving on.

Try to set up a new Skype Account.

Get to the Password part.

Wonder why Dashlane isn’t working.

Open Dashlane.

Go to Dashlane’s website.


Dashlane tells me to update the app I’m using on the MacBook.

I download and install.

Replace the app I had previously downloaded from the App store for the new MacBook.

Click the icon to launch the app.

Get this message: This version is not compatible anymore with your system. Dashlane is free on the Mac App Store.

Click the link to launch the App store.

Get this message: “Installed.”

I still haven’t finished setting up the new Skype account.

Why do I need a new Skype account?

It’s tied to  my old Microsoft account and I can’t make my new email the primary email because I can’t update the information because, while logged into Skype, when I attempt to update, Skype wants me to verify the update with my Skype password.

Easy enough.

Except – while logged in to Skype – Skype tells me the password I’m using to verify the email change is not correct. :/

Double check the password – no – it’s correct. Something in Skype isn’t working right.

I would open up Dashlane to triple check the password, but I get the little loop-de-loop above.


I’m done.

I’m done with Dashlane.

I’m done with Skype.

I’m done with emails.

I’m going to the hammock.

To read a book.

Like – a paper back book.

I’d read it on my iphone using the Kindle app but … yeah. I don’t remember the password and I’m kind of done with all that nonsense for the day.