How to Care for Chalk Cloth: Reblog From Modern June

To Cure, or Not to Cure, That Is the Question! Got questions about chalkcloth? Kelly McCants, owner of ModernJune and Oilcloth Addict, answers them all for you in this really great write up! If you're into Chalk Cloth crafts and fun, you can pick up Read more [...]

Oatmeal Cookie PreMade Mix

I have no idea how much money you'll save doing this, but the Betty Crocker mixes are my kids' (and John's!) favorite cookies. At almost $2 per bag, and only about 18 cookies per bag, it gets pricey with a house full of teens who can devour a tray of Read more [...]

30+ New Remote WordPress Developer Job Openings

This morning I was doing some research regarding remote job options for HappyJoe Veterans. I found a LOT of open positions. I figured, while I was basically job-jogging through all these different sites I’d cull a list of resources for any Read more [...]

How to Set Up DeskPM on Your Self Hosted WordPress Blog

I Hate the Back End Editor in WordPress I really do dislike writing blog posts in the WordPress back end editor. It is cumbersome. It is frustrating. It is … I have no nice things to say about it. One of the reasons I don’t blog as often Read more [...]