If January 6, 2021, has left you reeling, shocked, dismayed, feeling lost, hopeless, or any thing other than reflectively thinking “Well…why did I expect that to go differently?”, then you really haven’t been paying attention to the last 40 years or so.

I highly recommend that you:

  • Study the great Philosophers.
  • Study Machiavelli and the formation of law and order.
  • Study the fall of Rome.
  • Study the difference between good and evil vs. religion and morals.
  • Study ethics and logic.
  • Study the great revolutions.
  • Study manifest destiny and the sovereign man.
  • Read the Book of Romans through a legal lens.
  • Take the time to watch, listen, and read everything by Jordan Peterson. Regardless of how you feel about what he has to say! Listen, with ears to hear, and consider that you might actually not know a damn thing about anything of substantive value.
  • Only then will you be able to develop a fundamental understanding of what it means to have intrinsic rights, the value of a Constitution, the dangers of slippery slopes….
  • Only then will you be capable of developing a worldview that has not been spoon-feed to you by your parent, pastor, professor, politician, or public education.

Then come find me & we’ll talk about why the actions that unfolded yesterday at our great nation’s capital did not surprise me in the least.

America is in her turbulent teenage daughter years. You know – the phase where the typical teenage girl burns her whole world down just because she gets told “NO” for the first time in her self-absorbed, overly-imaginative, easily-influenced, angst-filled life?

Yeah – that phase of life – that’s where we’re at today in American History. Good news: we all eventually turn into our mothers & the aged mother knows best. Bad news: it can take a solid 25+ yrs for that maturation to occur…

So – like old Schumer said… better buckle up, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.