I’ve used black and white planner pages for a few years, and they’re still available for download on this blog post. But…they’re kind of boring, so I created new ones with a few extra blocks for logging information and some colorful headers for the columns. Thank goodness for Google Sheets Color Templates. HAHA

These pages follow the Day On Two Pages (DO2P) system loved by millions of Franklin Covey and Day Timer fans. I’ve formatted these downloads for 8.5″ x 11″ pages that can be used in a regular 3-ring binder. I’ve also made a public copy of my templates in Google Sheets, which you can download or add to your own Google drive and format them for different size planners. The sky’s the limit!

Day-on-Two-Pages Planner Templates

Grab the File and Make it Your Own

This link is public on the web and you can save this to your own Google Drive, download the sheet, or print it off from the web.

I’m sure there are other brands that produce the DO2P method, but I can’t pretend to be familiar with them. Drop a note in the comments to leave a link to other options!