I almost reinvented my own wheel. I was googling around for planner pages and then DUH – I have this on my blog already! Republishing for all 2021 Optimists! (There really wasn’t any reason to try and maintain any sense of normalcy in 2020…)

For You or Your Favorite Type-A Friends

Personally, I like to use the Monthly Landscape with the Daily Task/Schedule. When I want more control over my week I whip out the Weekly Appointments sheet. I just print off what I need, punch holes, and stick it in my binder, and move on with life. No stickers. No glitter. No 10,000 fonts. Just a plain, old, boring -but totally functional and completely reusable planner.

“A life well-planned makes for a well-lived life.”
(said no spontaneous extrovert…ever…)