As part of our Italian Cultures studies with Professoressa, the class has been working in groups to cover five different churches in Florence. During our visit to San Miniato, we were treated to the sounds of a bell tower that rang strong and loud, traditional Gregorian Chants in the chapel, and.. I kid you not… cold marble floors. It was exceptionally hot the day we visited San Miniato and sitting on those cold marble floors may have been the best memory of the day! 

Now, in all seriousness, visiting the church was amazing – all the buildings in Florence are just breathtaking architectural feats of wonder with amazing history. But when the Gregorian chants started at 6:30pm, and we sat down on the cold, marble seats in the vestry, which was dark and cool, and the monks started their prayers (the Gregorian Chants) all I wanted to do was lay down, stretch out on the cold floor, and let my mind fall into a medatative state while the prayers went on. 

Instead, I filmed a little bit for you!