There’s something about standing in an historical place and listening to the stories about the contributions to society that came out of the very place I am standing, that makes me really appreciate so many things about my life. I appreciate that there have been people like the Medici’s who would pour back into their own communities and through that generosity the world-at-large expanded (although I’m sure they weren’t all the nicest people – there’s always bad seeds.) But never-the-less, the Medici family gave back the local community through employment of service industry workers, to commissioning great work of art. They were a farming family that moved into banking, made fortunes, and poured that wealth back into their communities. Capitalism at its finest. 

While standing on the grounds of the Palazzo Pitti, our Professoressa shared some awesome stories with us about how the family gave back to their community through the use of music, how war was arranged “back in the day”, a bit about the (petty) Pitti family, and the modern style of Medici leadership style!

When you watch this video, please remember that Professoressa is leading a group of students and she encourages and welcomes our interaction, questions, and commentary. She’s not a tour guide, she’s a teacher. A gifted storyteller as well.