On our second night in Italy, we invited our Professoressa over to our spacious apartment (Thank you, CAPA!) for a family style meal. She offered to bring a dessert that was special to the Italians and that would give us our first real taste of Italian Culture. 

After dinner, Professoressa shared with us the story of the I’Santo Vino liquoroso. Like most cultural attributes of Italy this traditional sweet wine originates from a Catholic act of worship. That is to say, of the few cultural experiences I’ve had here, they have all tied back to the Catholic church in one way or another. But – my perspective is limited and I’m sure with more time in this country my Italian worldview would expand. On the other hand, it is – after all – Italy: the seat of the Holy Roman Empire. (Side note: I’m not offended by this in anyway, it’s just an observation. Much like how in America many of our traditions are tied back to Christian/Protestant acts of worship/belief sytems. Just something I’ve noticed.

Here’s Professoressa sharing with us the stry of The Holy Liquorous Wine and teaching us how it is to be served/consumed. She’s a great storyteller & I hope you enjoy this tidbit of Italian culture!