In the city of Florence, you will find some of the world’s oldest historical treasures. In fact, with a handful of Unesco World Heritage Sites within walking distance of each other, you could spend years exploring all the treasures just within the city center.  

However, while Florence offers pleny to see in their museums, parks, theatres, and more, taking leisurely strolls around the city streets will often expose you to a side of Florence you might not have expected. Often overlooked are the smaller elements that make Florence a walking art museum. Take a walk through the town and you will find cobblestone streets jut up against modern day asphalt, medieval buildings renovated into modern day apartments, modern street art displayed on walls that are hundreds (if not thousands) of years old, very old street water drain covers, iron holsters on the ancient walls once used for tying up horses, and church buildings that date back to the early first century. 

When you’re in Florence, plan a day in your itinerary for no plans. Let the city surprise you with its charming historical features.