This morning I was doing some research regarding remote job options for HappyJoe Veterans. I found a LOT of open positions. I figured, while I was basically job-jogging through all these different sites I’d cull a list of resources for any WordPress professionals looking for remote opportunities.

Positions listed below vary from part-time/freelance gigs to full-benefit employees. There’s so much work out there available for skilled WordPress developers!  This post does not include links to your typical WordPress Agencies like 10up, Automattic, WebDevStudios, etc, because those jobs are 1) easy to track down and apply for and 2) pretty much we all know they’re always hiring so… here’s some lesser known opportunities for you to explore if you’re looking for WordPress gigs.

Oh, I started a job board…because I can install a plugin and follow directions through the documentation and add short codes to pages and all…but I don’t know if I’ll use it or not. Remains to be seen. For now – here’s the list of today’s adventures!


Theme Fusion: WordPress Developer Needed for Forum Support and Development Projects
Help out in the technical support forums and help with projects. It’s pretty straightforward!

Wanderlust Festival: Lead Dev for Genesis + WPEngine Site
Lead dev for a new site for the Wanderlust Festival site. It’s an awesome site already – so upgrading it to a cool new WordPress site would be a fun gig!

The Boss Group: WordPress Web Developer for Short Term Project
There wasn’t much info here – but possibly a good opportunity for a short term freelance project to fill in some gap time if you’re needing to pad out your schedule.

EmoryDay: WordPress, Joomla and Magenta Web Developer & Graphic Designers
Kind of nice that they diferentiated between “designers” and “developers” eh?  The developer position is for more than just WordPress so be sure to read the description. Designer is for someone who can ….design and not just master CSS. Please read job descriptions for more information. 

Site5: Various Positions – Customer Support to Systems Engineer, Migrations, etc.

SkillForge: WordPress / Software Trainer
SkillForge is a training program and they’re looking for some qualified instructors to put together courses in a variety of software applications including WordPress.

eigital:  WordPress/PHP Developers
Kind of a hard name to say but E-igital is looking for Senior Lead Web Developers and Junior Developers to work remotely on web projects.

PixelUnion: Product Designers for WordPress, Shopify, Tumblr and Ghost Themes
These positions sound fun if you’re looking to do some themes besides strictly WordPress. Great for front end engineers/developers looking to build out their portfolios.

Camna, LLC: WordPress and Drupal Developer
Developer will update existing WordPress and Drupal websites, create new templates, set up new custom post types, install new plugins, help develop new websites, etc. Part- or full-time. $20-30/hr with benefits.

Caffeinated Communications Studio: Freelance WordPress Developer
Remote contractor position will work as needed with our creative team to design, build and maintain custom, responsive WordPress websites for clients nationwide. A typical week could involve 5-15 hours of work. $25-35/hour DOE

SuperPixel: Freelance Web & Application Developer
WordPress theme designer and application developer. They dissed Microsoft in their listing, but I guess that comes with the territory these days. Ha!

SkyVerge: WooCommerce Contractors
Part time position with SkyVerge working on WooCommerce sites. Obviously you’d need to know WordPress. 10-15hrs/week.

ChopDawg: WordPress, PHP, Android, iOS Developers and UI Designer
Four developer positions and 1 designer position available at ChopDawg. All remote.

Arsenal Studios: Lamp/JavaScript Web Developer
While not specifically WordPress I know that there are some LampStacked Developers in our community who might be interested in this role. Would need to know JavaScript as well.

Coalition Technologies: 3 Back End PHP Developers, 3 Front End Developers, Project Manager
Handful of remote positions available in addition to those listed above.

Stectech Industries: Front End Lead Developer, Project Manager
Work at home opportunities for the right candidates. Front end lead developer for WordPress and Magento Sites. Project Manager with experience in digital project management.

LyntonWeb: Inbound Marketing Careers
Digital Marketing Manager, Junior Web Developer, Marketing Intern, Remote Interactive Web Designer, Web Design Intern. Must be familiar with WordPress in applicable role. All remote or based in Houston, TX.

SOSBrooklyn: Front End WordPress Developer
Based in NY but remote is OK. Freelance position.

TalentTable: Front End Developer
Seems like a robust role for a front end developer and a remote location will be considered.

JupiterHighway: Front End WordPress Developer
Front-End WordPress Developer skilled in current design trends and best practices for web design who can meet deadlines while working in a freelance position.

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