WordCamps are a great place to find work within the WordPress economy. Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to introduce yourself directly to some of the larger WordPress agency owners, there is almost always a “Looking For Talent” whiteboard where companies can jot down their information and attendees can follow up with during at the camp or afterwards.

David Bisset, one of the organizers for WordCamp Miami, was kind enough to tweet this awesome picture.

If you weren’t able to make it to WordCamp Miami and you are looking for WordPress work, dig into the links below! I’ve broken out as much as I could from the white board and have listed it all here for you! Note: this is not EVERYTHING on that board – I couldn’t make out the business card information. If you were at WordCamp Miami and you want to add job opportunity information that I haven’t included, please drop the information in the comments below and I’ll update the post if/when that info arrives. I have vetted everything below and have included as much basic info as possible. Serious linkage below!

Companies / Individuals Hiring WordPress Talent

BackOffice Associates

  • Wide range of listings.
  • Worldwide locations.
  • No idea if remote work or not.

@Aysha Marie Zouain from Blackened Honesty

  • WordPress Web Designer to help roll out a new site for NewVisionGraphics.com.
  • This is a **Miami Only** position.
  • You can contact Aysha here.

Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

  • No details listed on job board. First glance of their site… hopefully they’re looking to update the whole thing! :)
  • There are a lot of jobs posted on their Careers Section.
  • I also asked them, via Twitter, for more information.
  • Will update if / when more info is communicated.

@Jackie Jimenez with @InnovateWP

  • WordPress Developers and Designers
  • Contact her here: http://theinnovativeconsultant.com/contact-me/

@Jason Ibarra with SherlockTech Staffing

  • Jason recruits for Sherlock Tech Staffing
  • He is also very active in the WordPress Community
  • They are looking for WordPress Designers and Developers
  • Contact Jason via work email: Jason@sherlocktech.com
  • Twitter: Hiring WP Talent is @jasonibarra

@Lightmaker is a digital agency, looking for Talented WordPressers with offices in Florida, California and the UK.


+Laura Raymond with @DestinationCuisine

  • Looking for help with WordPress Development, Themes and BuddyPress
  • Check out their website: http://destinationcuisine.com/
  • Contact Laura via the Contact Form at the bottom of her About Page: http://destinationcuisine.com/about/


  • Based in Orlando
  • Looking for a local WordPress Dev
  • Somewhat dead Twitter and Google Plus account
  • Check out their Facebook Page for up to date info on company happenings
  • Connect with David Parsons via Twitter or email to: david@brandco.com


  • Active Facebook Page
  • Run by Andre Buchanan in Miami, FL.
  • No other info available.
  • Contact via http://www.collegeswitch.net/contactus/

@Impulse Creative looks like a really cool inbound marketing agency!

  • Hiring a UI/UX Developer w/WordPress Experience
  • Looking for developers with WP / PHP / HTML / CSS experience.
  • Looking for other unpaid positions via internships. I think this is a horrible practice and I’m not going to link to the postings, but you can peruse yourself if you’d like. Personally, I think companies should pay for the work they get out of interns. :)

@SouthernWeb located in Atlanta, looking to fill a few key positions:


WordPress Based Agencies / Companies Looking for WordPress Professionals

BuddyBoss.com  Themes and Plugins for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress

@Delicious Brains is a small WordPress agency run by some top notch developers.

@Human Made Limited is a WordPress VIP Agency based in the UK 100%

  • Support remote employees
  • Well respected within the WordPress Community
  • Small agency leaving a big impact.
  • Has one of the coolest URL’s I’ve seen!!  http://hmn.md/
  • Recently hired for the following positions:
  • If you love WordPress, want to work remote, and want to work with a small agency  – check out their hiring page & drop them a note: http://hmn.md/is/hiring/
  • Also – don’t you just LOVE the URL structures?!  I’m totally excited by them!!  #nerdalert

@WPEngine : If you don’t know…. one of the most well-trusted WordPress Hosting Companies out there!

@Sucuri  specializes in WordPress / Website Security

@CrowdFavorite is a another really awesome WordPress Agency.

@Maintainn is yet another really cool WordPress Agency!

@ModernTribeInc  is a top notch WordPress Agency. They are looking for: