I’ve spent some time today migrating my old blogs to my new blog. I can finally read through all our old Walston Family Nonsense posts w/o any hurt, anger, resentment, bitterness, stress, or depression!!
On Jan 1, 2016, I committed to just choosing to forgive Royce for being the idiot he was/is. Everytime he made me angry I’d vent to John or Facebook….and then just let it go. I never say one negative thing to him all year.
It was hard.
But now I know why people say forgiveness is for “you” and not the person who hurt you. I rarely think about him anymore or all the stupid things that transpired over the almost 20yr relationship. It’s only been 5 years since I left the marraige and I can finally read my blog again and laugh at the fun things we did as a family.
I still don’t understand why his family has completely shut me out and won’t speak to me anymore. It’s as if I never existed. That’s still been hurtful. Everyone except for Royce’s brother and his wife act like I just …died. Royce still maintains some connections to my family. I figure if my family can still have room for him in spite of everything, why can’t his family make room for me? I don’t know. It’s weird.
But – that’s their loss! Now John and I are just like two little islands that have come together. He doesn’t have much family. I don’t have much family. And together, we’ve found our home.