For my entire life, I’ve looked forward to new United States Presidential Elections. Not because I care about the future of my country, the leadership at the helm, or politics in general. No, what I’m always excited about is learning about the First Lady of the United States’ hair styles, favorite designers, interior design plans, and menus for the state dinners she hosts.

As a little girl I used to think, “WOW. If I could just be like Nancy Regan! Barbara Bush! Hillary Clinton! Michelle Obama! They’re so regal, glamorous, exquisite, and well cultured. They are my role models. Maybe I’ll marry a man who will be President, and I’ll get the chance to redecorate the Oval Office! Stand next to him in a designer gown! Create elaborate menus for heads of states! What a life I would have….”

But that’s all changing, now, ladies and gents! In November, I predict that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 election cycle and we will swear her into office shortly thereafter. And that changes everything!

For the first time in my life I will find myself looking at Bill Clinton as the First Gentleman of the United States. As the FGOTUS (doesn’t really roll off the tongue like FLOTUS but we’ll make it do I guess) Bill will have some unprecedented activities to tend to and I can’t wait to see how the media serves us the dish on his…well…dishes! Hairstyles! Pant suits! And more!

Here are 7 Amazing Bill Clinton Pictures That Really Show Off His Future FGOTUS Style!

1) Will he maintain his current style?

Already showing off his Dapper Style, Bill’s pant suit selection during the Democratic National Convention really left me feeling confident in his ability to dress the part of FGOTUS. The way he coordinated the blue tie with the blue stars under his feet was just brilliant and really allowed his eyes to POP! I hope we can expect to see more of his classic style in years to come!

Former President Bill Clinton speaking at the DNC last night
Photo by Andrew Dallos & Available on Flickr via Creative Commons License:

2) Will Bill Clinton add flower beds to the White House entrance?

Bill Clinton is from Arkansas, The Natural State. This photo is of my son standing at a travel center right after you pass into Arkansas. Arkansas travel centers are welcoming, comfortable, and beautiful. I’m betting Bill will really put his landscaping style to good use once he has a nice new yard to color with flowers, bushes, and other foliage! If he can make the entrance to the White House as beautiful as the entrance to Arkansas, that will really help White House Presidential Visitors feel more comfortable and really help Heads of State appreciate Bill’s many talents!

Arkansas Travel Center
Arkansas Travel Center, Photo by Sarah Pressler, August 2015

3) What will Bill Clinton’s Presidential China look like?

Michelle Obama just replaced the White House China in 2015, so it’s questionable if Bill will get to design his own set or not, since normally we only replace our national china every 10 years. But I hope if Bill gets to design and approve new china, that he has an audience and wears something gorgeous to show off his biceps!

Michelle Obama inspects new china 2015
“Michelle Obama Inspects New China 2015” Photo by Amanda Lucidon & shared under public domain.

Of course, when Future President Clinton reviews her husband’s handiwork, I expect she’ll have much privacy. This is important because if she wants to criticize his designs, that should be done with much privacy so as not to embarrass Bill or hurt his feelings. You know how sensitive househusbands can be about home decor choices!

Barack Obama inspects new china 2015
Notice the lack of audience members cheering on Obama as he sneers at Michelle’s designs. I guess he’s ok with them. He’s a good husband so I’m sure he just encouraged her to keep trying. Photo by Amanda Lucidon & shared under public domain.

Hillary Clinton’s Signature Style: How state dinners were served when she was in charge of decor. Let’s hope Bill’s style is a little less royal. It’s clear that here, Bill was just allowing Hillary to fully explore her womanly role in the home

Bill Clinton Presidential Library 8
Photo by gGraphy. Shared via Creative Commons


4) Will He Maintain His Waistline?

It’s important for all First Spouses to not let themselves go during this time in the White House, considering what an emphasis our nation places on physical fitness. Maybe he can log his time and win a Presidential Fitness Award!

Clinton Working Out
President Bill Clinton stretches his left leg during a morning jog along the waterfront in Naples, July 10, 1994. Clinton is in Naples for the annual economic G7 summit. A U.S. security man and Italian carabinieri (paramilitary police) are at right. (AP Photo/Marcy Nighswander)

Whoah! Watch out there, Bill! That’s not a very becoming pose for the First Gentleman! Someone’s going to need to give Bill some lessons on modesty when in public. Save the sexy posing for the bedroom, Mr. First Gentleman! We know it’s hard to understand how something as innocent and necessary as a quad stretch can be sexualized, but that goes with the territory.

5) Will Bill’s Christmas Tree Truly Deck The Halls?

Christmas in the White House is on the horizon for the Future President and her husband. It will be Bill’s duty to his country to ensure the holiday tree is cheerful, bright, merry….diverse, inclusive, and accessible. Personally, I cannot wait to see the unveiling of the tree Bill decorates! Won’t he look dashing, standing by the green, shiny, holiday hallmark?! I’m sure he will make Hillary proud, and even if she hates it, she’s such a classy lady – she’ll pretend she loves it! I’m just SURE of it! I really **really** wish I could be there when Bill gives his first Holiday Home Tour!

1997 Blue Room Tree with FLOTUS, Hillary Clinton
By The White House (The White House) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

6) Will Arsenio Hall join Bill Clinton on his Carpool Karaoke ride with James Corden?

Michelle Obama’s highly acclaimed Carpool Karaoke sesh was lit! But I believe Bill blazed a trail for who and I bet he will quickly upstage her performance when his time comes! I sure hope President Clinton lets her husband stay active and engaged in pop culture; he’s a true icon for our country!

Clinton Saxophone
Bill Clinton killing it on the sax, on the Arsenio Hall Live show! What a gem!

7) But the most important question:
Will a man FINALLY take home the win for the Traditional Family Circle Presidential Cookie Bake-Off??

“Since 1992, when Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush bumped spatulas, our First Lady cookie contest has been a terrific tradition and political pacesetter. All but one winner went on to live in the White House.”

I’m really looking forward to the Bill Clinton v Melania Trump Cookie Bake-Off! I don’t know about you, but I’m betting Bill wins hands-down. Of course, I’ll try both recipes, but I’m just betting Bill has a little extra help on the side (if you know what I mean!)

Oatmeal cookies
Hillary’s Winning Recipe used for a previous contest. I can’t wait to see what unique and delicious recipe Bill submits! You can get the recipe here: