By the end of this summer I’ll have completed the following credits:
Public Finance
Public Policy & Formulation
Administrative Law
Organizational Theory
Public Admin Research Practicum
Honors Independent Study: Land Use & Planning for Hazardous Areas
18 credit hours in one summer, and I expect they’ll all result in A’s.

And here’s the difference for Sarah in College at the age of 40, vs age 18.

My first YEAR spent at The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor only equated to 18 credit hours. Over two semesters. And I even had a C in one of those classes. That’s RIDICULOUS!! I ended up going to school only 9 hrs each semester. While living on campus and racking up college debt. HAHAHA What a waste of time. This is why I’m a big believer in 1) college kids need guidance and 2) don’t bother going if you’re not ready to knock it out.
Mostly I just needed guidance. I was on my own pretty much right out of high school and definitely not ready to juggle all the responsibilities. But I just have to laugh at what I can get knocked out in one summer semester today, vs 2 full semesters in 1994. Seriously, Sarah, you really know ho to take the long road around… Ha!