The best thing about freelancing – and working with really cool teams & clients – is working when I want/working around my family schedule. Tonight that happens to be from 11pm-4am. I know, I know…4am… but honestly this is my natural rhythm. The house is quiet. Dark. Cool. Calm. I can focus. think. There’s clarity in the tasks. I get to listen to an entire Avett Brother’s album without the kids interrupting!

During the day I’m pulled 1,000 different directions. I think it’s the crux of 1) motherhood, 2) project management and 3) leading teams. And that’s ok – I like it. But when it’s time to:

  • dig into a project and start the divide and conquer process of breaking a Statement of Work out into Basecamp tasks,
  • setting up a production schedule,
  • going through a website with a fine tooth comb before it goes live (with your name in the footer!!),
  • updating clients,
  • updating team members,
  • updating your personal calendar with the kids’ upcoming school events before you forget that you do, actually, have some kind of a personal life….
  • writing a blog post/newsletter/social media feeds for the next week….

Well, these things take focused energy on my part. I really don’t know how people do anything well when they’re not really focused on what they’re doing. I’ve never been very good at it. In fact, I’m surprised that when I was a mom with a house full of little ones, that I didn’t forget my baby in the basket at the grocery store. I mean – it seriously could happen to anyone.