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Suicide is now the biggest killer of teenage girls worldwide. Here’s why

Towards the end of last year, a shocking statistic appeared deep in the pages of a World Health Organisation report. It was this: suicide has become the leading killer of teenage girls, worldwide.

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This saddens me to read, but the most heart-sickening part, for me, was the section on the impact of pornography and youth. Thanks to the internet, and lack of parental governance and youthful rebellion, our children have literally been raised with pornography at their fingertips their entire lives. And the impact is devastating.

From the article:

Teens and Pornography

My ex-husband’s obsession with pornography completely destroyed our marriage and nearly cost me my children’s safety. It did have far reaching consequences for myself, my sons and my daughters. It’s been 3.5 yrs since I left that unhealthy marriage and we’re just now starting to really get back on track.

What started in Royce’s teens when he found a magazine on his way home from school grew exponentially though his young adult life and finally was the motivating factor that led him to betray our vows and create a completely second life. And when I say my ex-husband lived a second life, I completely mean it – in fact he still, to this day, continues to operate as a man divided.  While he was a youth, his parents turned a blind eye – happy to find out he wasn’t really a homosexual after all (his mother’s greatest fear.)

My marriage was destroyed because I, frankly, wasn’t that into it. When you break down all the different issues in my marriage it all comes back to point A: his complete obsession with pornography. It defined, and continues to define, who he is. He has yet to really turn away from what he calls sexual addiction. I call it weakness of character and a victim mentality.

Is pornography stimulating? Well if you’re a normal human being, yes. Is it healthy? No. Not at all. Is this a matter of Christian ethics? No. It’s a matter of basic human dignity and respect for others.

I am a pretty open-minded person but I’ll never accept that pornography is a basic part of our American/modern day experience. And I’m not alone. I’ve talked to scores of women who have told me horror stories about the effect of pornography on their childhood, young adult life and in their marriage. I can no longer count on two hands the number of people I know, divorced, because of pornography/sexual deviancy.

Today’s post showing this alarming trend of teens killing themselves because of the pressures they are under IN HIGH SCHOOL to perform sexually and compete with pornography is enough to make any normal, sane human being sad with grief.

What kind of world are we leaving to our children’s children? It makes me sad for them, and scared for them, at the same time. This is not the legacy we want for our children. For our boys or our girls.