ONE Simple Way to Be the MacGyver of WordPress Blog Post Titles

Immediately After Publishing Your Blog Post










Coming Face to Face With Your Horrible Title Capitalization Skills











Hearing There Is a Plugin  to Deal With Your Crappy Grammar!











Becoming the MacGyver of Title Capitalizations!!!!!
(You know it’s a goal!)







Download Tom McFarlin’s

Title-Capitalization-for-Wordpress Plugin

Your 9th Grade Grammar Teacher Will Be Proud!

This post was created to make Tom laugh, and in honor of my friends at WebDevStudios who love love love gifs.

OK OK I spelled MacGyver wrong in the original title. That’s funny – considering – right?!?! Come on, already!


7 thoughts on “ONE Simple Way to Be the MacGyver of WordPress Blog Post Titles”

  1. OMG, I thought I was reading BuzzFeed!

    Then I looked at Tom’s code and thought I would reading Java or C# code…

    $title_caps_loader = new TitleCapsLoader();
    $title_caps_loader->init( new TitleCapitalizer( new TitleCase() ) );


    1. @Mike: Working to bring a bit better OO practices to WordPress plugins through the joy of DI and what not.

      In a past life, I was doing .NET so. . . . . .

    1. This was my first gif post ever. Just for you. And plus, I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now and finally had something non-inflammatory to write about.

      Although some people take their blog post titles pretty seriously…. it could get ugly!

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