I’ll Start Off with a Preface…

I feel compelled to let you know up front that the following post contains absolutely NO information about how to write like a pro in 2013. It was just a catchy title to get you to click over to my blog. If you are looking for REAL information on how to write like a pro in 2013 please visit Copyblogger or Problogger or my personal favorite – Marc Ensign.

…and Follow That Up with an Admission:

I completely agree with the following infographic from BootCampDigital.com

10 Blog Titles that drive MASSIVE TRAFFIC

As much as I hate to admit this, it is true: How To, Why and List titles will drive traffic to your blog.

Blog Bloat or Copy Creep?

In the well traversed blogosphere, clear cut titles that direct readers to the central message of your post will result in increased traffic. But – and I speak for many a blog readers – after scanning about the 1,351st “How to” or “Why You Should” or “Top # of Whatever” blog titles, those catchy headlines are no longer catchy. They become filters for copy I completely dismiss and blogs I’ll probably never bookmark. The title tells me that the copy

  • will be nothing original,
  • can be found elsewhere on the internet,
  • is nothing unique
  • fails to set the writer apart as a capable, creative writer amongst the crowded, bloated, blogosphere
  • was written with 1 specific goal: to get you to their site and keep you there as long as possible with the hopes that your clicks will equate to revenue for them. AKA Ad-revenue-based-blog-titling.

And, to that, I say, “No, thank you, kindly, I’m good.”


If you really want to drive traffic to your site, and you’re struggling to come up with a basic title, pop on over to this handy-dandy web-app I found a few months ago and have a hay day with your topic! It will save you a lot of time when you’re struggling to come up with that crafty, but SEO friendly title. Because, and let’s just be honest here, sometimes we just need to get the post titled and published. Perhaps a clever, unique title just isn’t on the top of your to do list for the week!

(Click the image itself to go to the website.)

Tweak Your Blog Biz Title Generator