Updating this post since making changes to my blog last week (12/9/13.)

All current  Work At Home links and resources are listed on a new page that you can find in the top navigation, titled “Work At Home Resources.”

On THAT page, there are some trusted job boards listed along with the navigation panel for the list of companies offering remote work.

A while back I said I would start sharing information about companies that hire work at home employees/team members.

Well, will wonders never cease?!  I finally got around to getting started on that, today. 🙂

In the navigation area to the left of this text you’ll see a list titled “WORK AT HOME.”  The companies listed currently (as of 10.21.13) have positions open with their company, or are accepting resumes for, work at home staff. Not all the positions listed with each company are remote, so pay attention to what you’re reading.

Note: all the companies listed are primarily tech / software companies. But if you have any experience in customer service (and are even remotely techy), writing, project management, marketing, sales, community management, etc, take a look at the jobs listed. You might be surprised at what’s out there.

If you land a job – I’d love to hear about it!