From November of 2012 through June of 2013, I helped build out a work at home job board for a failed Austin, TX startup. It failed because the bootstrapper lost interest in the project and didn’t want to fund it anymore. He had moved on to greener pastures. Or at least in search of greener pastures. I hope he and his new team are doing well.

Since leaving the company, I regularly receive requests from friends, family and acquaintances to help them find work at home jobs. Most of the family and friends know that I’m a super highly detailed researcher who truly does become an expert in whatever I’m researching; so the fact that friends, etc, ask me to help them locate the “elusive” work at home jobs doesn’t surprise me. I do consider myself to know more than the average bear about how to find/land a work at home position. The number of available positions out there is astounding! Anything from commission-only, minimum wage, para-professional to high-end professional positions are available with vetted, known and completely legitimate companies – with some companies hiring on the upwards of several hundred people a month! There’s plenty of room for career growth if you are a risk taker who doesn’t mind working at home. > Your Source For Real Work At Home Job Leads

In an effort to archive all the information at hand, while it’s still relatively fresh on my mind, I am going to start posting general information about the companies I know who hire for work at home positions. Some of them I will have worked with closely to help actually place employees. Others, I will have simply vetted through detailed research. I’ll eventually create a couple of pages that will become running lists of companies with a URL to their internal job board, and it will be edited as time allows. And I’ll try to keep a list of scam companies, too, as time allows.

You will be able to search this blog through utilizing the Category: Work At Home on each post or page. If you have information to share about companies who hire work at home employees, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me a message through the Contact Me form on my About page.

I will eventually touch on the subject of how to avoid work at home scams. However, a simple Google search of the term will return all the information you need to be aware, stay informed and stay safe.