For My Foes On Twitter: books just for you...
For My Foes On Twitter: books just for you…

I think my twittering foes love me. They keep talking about me! My “OH MY GOD PEOPLE TAKE TWITTER FOR REAL”  tweet has the most retweets and favorites ever! (Not saying much for me, guys. I’m not twitter-proficient.) But I had to just LOL @ this:

Apparently people DO take twitter for real – even when THEY are the ones being the “horrible [people] on twitter.”

All I know is this: having been online since 1994 – and super active in chat rooms, forums, and every “twitter” or “Facebook like” platform around – nothing has changed. Angry people use social media to trash other human beings and keep their unhappy positions in life. The twitter trolls made every single character assault under the sun: the best one though is that they think BECAUSE I have a picture of myself in Google Glasses that I 1) own them and 2) am naturally a horrible person and 3) they are slamming a very very very important, generous, and not to say, influential person. And they don’t know HE thinks they are amusing.

That’s right: amusing. They can rant and rave and stomp their feet all they want – and all I can say is, “This is MORE than entertaining to me, keep it up.” **Fuels the flame**  LOL

The fact that adults(?) behave this way on Twitter makes me feel hopeless for the little eyes and ears that are watching end emulating them. No wonder kids today bully other kids to death. Literally. Shame on all those adults.

The rest of us (normal, sane, balanced human beings) just have fun with it. Honestly, I’ve never had MORE fun with interacting with a bunch of strangers than during WordCamp Austin 2013. It was EPIC and yes – epic in the old person kind of way.

Note:  just because someone attends WordCamp does not mean that person has ANY real “klout.” Not even if that person is like an author, has 100k+ tweets, and you think they actually have the potential to be a really neat contact. Once they show their ugly true colors – run. Fast. Because they aren’t ready for any kind of REAL interaction. They’re too shallow and self-destructive. They have no real confidence in who they are and cling to their labels to help them decide self. Which means they are very very immature humans. Been there done that. Now I get to spend the time with mature, real people and really have no use for “inant” beings. *Inside joke.*