Ballet students and teachers interested in becoming certified in The Cecchetti Method will be considered for the Pure Ballet Teacher Training Program. This is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects related to training competent and solid teachers who know how to safely and efficiently develop students and prepare them for a performing career in classical ballet. The program covers pre-ballet work through pointe work, advanced work, mens work, pas de deux and stretching/strengthening/conditioning for the dancer. The formal certification process is completed through the utilization of The Cecchetti Council of America’s Teacher Coaching syllabus with comprehensive examinations for the teacher candidate.

Teacher coaching is $75.oo/hr. Teachers are expected to schedule class at least once per week, increasing their class time as their exam dates approach. The week of the exam classes will be taken daily, this is not an option and must be planned for and budgeted out accordingly. Examinations in the method range from $125.00 up to $500.00. Certification available include:

  • Grade I-IV Teacher*
  • Professional Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced Teacher*
  • Maestro Enrico Cecchetti Diploma*

These qualifications are attained over a minimum of eight years, and include knowledge and development of Cecchetti classical ballet techniques and principles throughout all the syllabi. Study in teaching methodology and child development, anatomy and injury prevention, musical appreciation, history of dance, health and safety and business studies is required to attain these qualifications. Teacher materials must be purchased and a break down of expenses will be given to the candidate before the beginning of each grade level. Teachers must show mastery of all the work, and be prepared to explain the purpose of a step, the quality of a movement, the common errors in an exercise and appropriate corrections for such errors, and so on. Teacher exams are very different from student exams and one can only prepare for a teacher exam under the tutelage of a Cecchetti teacher coach.*

*Pure Ballet Studio is very proud to provide teacher coaching that is directed under the auspices of Dr. Kathleen Tenniswood, DFCCA. Working together and under her direction, I am responsible for prepping the teachers on patterns, teacher material and teaching methodologies. Dr. Tenniswood completes the formal teacher coaching process and determines when/if the teacher can be sponsored for an examination. I cannot officially present teachers for exams until I have completed my Professional Intermediate exam. This is a unique opportunity for San Antonio teachers; aside from this program at Pure Ballet Studios, there are no other local programs offering teacher training in a pure classical ballet technique.

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