Financial Policies

Tuition for private coursework is billed at an hourly rate of $50.00. Semi-private classes are billed individually to each student at the rate of $50/hr is divided evenly between the students.

Classes are pre-scheduled month-to-month, billed accordingly, and must be paid in a timely manner. Once the classes are set, they are immediately logged into my teaching schedule and you are emailed an invoice. The invoice/tuition must be paid on or prior to the first class for that month. You may bring a check or cash to the first class of that month. If tuition is late, a 10% late fee will be added. Tuition must be made by the 2nd class of the month or classes will be cancelled until payment can be made. Please contact me ahead of time if tuition will be late. If you experience a difficulty in paying for the entire month up front, please speak to me privately. Case-by-case adjustments can be made.

Pre-paid classes are non-refundable and are not rescheduled in the event the student fails to attend his/her class. It is normal to cancel an appointment from time to time; however, tuition is not refundable – missed class means you forfeit the pre-paid tuition from that class. After the 3rd cancellation we will discuss your schedule to see if a better time for privates can be arranged. Since I only accept a limited number of students each year, it is important that those who commit to the work make a serious commitment. This policy is long-standing and has proven to be an effective tool for insuring class appointments are well-respected by the parents, students and the teacher. I am happy to explain the need for such a policy on request, but the short story is that once you ask me to guarantee you a place on my calendar, your pre-payment for the class guarantees that you and I both show up on time for the class. Please respect that this is how I run my program and I will not make exceptions to this policy. That said, it is very rare that I cancel class. In this event, I will reschedule the class or credit the pre-paid tuition to your next month’s bill.

Tuition Discounts:  Tuition discounts, scholarships, hardships and creative funding options are available to qualifying students thanks to an anonymous benefactor. I do not offer home school discounts, family discounts or other such offers.

Referral Bonus: When someone who you refer contacts me for an assessment/free first class, you will receive a $10 credit towards your next month’s tuition. If that student is accepted into the program, you will receive another $25 in tuition credits. Thank you for your business and for referring Pure Ballet Studios to your friends and family members.

Returned Check Fee: If a tuition check is returned unpaid the following policy is enforced:

  1. All future private classes are immediately cancelled and the time slot is opened up to any students on the waiting list.
  2. Outstanding tuition will be considered late and a 10% late fee will be assessed on the balance.
  3. A $40 Returned Check Fee will be assessed on your account.
  4. Your account must be brought current before any future classes can be scheduled and all future classes scheduled must be pre-paid in full. You will need to get me a check, money order, or cash 3-5 days before class. Failure to do so will result in your class being cancelled and you will risk being dismissed from the program.
  5. Regardless of if you wish to continue taking classes or not, failure to bring your account “current” within 4 weeks of being notified that your check was returned will result in charges being filed with the local Hot Check Division of the San Antonio Police Department.

Basically….just make sure the check is good!

OTHER FEES:  Students may need supplies to be purchased for them, books for their Cecchetti grade levels, CD’s or DVD’s to assist in home work and they are also required to pay their own exam fees and seminar/workshop fees and any other miscellaneous expenses related directly to their training. These fees will be invoiced with monthly tuition when possible or a separate invoice will be sent. Exam fees MUST be paid by the DUE DATE or the student will lose his/her place on the official exam roster.