Students must wear proper dance attire. Jewelry is not allowed, and hair must be secured in a bun. Proper dance shoes are required in all classes. Before class, students should wait quietly in the home office/waiting area and begin warming up/stretching. I strive to begin each class on time and appreciate students arriving promptly.

All students should be dropped off and picked up at the door by a parent. The studio is located in a private residence; there are no waiting facilities available for parents/siblings. Additionally, parking is also not readily available for parents dropping off students. Excessive curb side parking can result in city code compliance violations. There are several libraries, parks, and shopping centers around of which one could visit while their student is in class. Many parents are happy to drop a student off and run an errand or two. Students may wait in the home office near the front door before and after class. Students are not allowed to wait outside for parents/siblings. Parents should pick up students promptly after class. If unavoidably detained, please contact me immediately.

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify me of student absences (preferably in advance.) You may read the Tuition & Fees page for a full disclosure of my tuition policy regarding missed classes.

Students should bring water to class, if long classes are scheduled, a snack may be warranted. Please plan accordingly.

Parents are required to sign a release of liability for everyone who will be on my property during class times. I do not carry liability insurance for the dance studio and I do not carry personal injury insurance for the students. Parents and parents alone are responsible for their children’s health care provisions. Should a child, or any member of your family, become injured while on my personal property, I am not, can not and will not be held liable. This is a “proceed at your own risk” studio. Failure to comply with this request will prohibit your child from being able to study at Pure Ballet Studios.