I am thrilled to say that our first family road trip (outside of Texas) has been a total success.  We spent a glorious week in Red River, NM. We all had such a great time that it has been hard to leave. The house we rented for the week was so nicely appointed that it felt like we were at home. In fact, it actually is much nicer than our home and truth be told, we really aren’t excited about coming back to our own house. I guess the positive spin on it is that we were inspired to make a real effort to making the renovations our house truly needs. Which is, of course, another blog post entirely.

The mountains were BEAUTIFUL. We spent a lot of time just playing in the freezing river. On Friday we took the kids on a 2-mile hike up the river and back, staying in the water as much as possible. We crossed rapids, deep drop off holes, walked across logs, and waded through shallow spots. We found weird animals, cute birds, and saw lots of deer. There were a few places where we had to climb to shore due to the swift current and rocky underfoot terrain, but for the most part we spent 90% of the 2 hr hike in the water. By the time we got home we were cold, waterlogged, worn out … and a little sun burned! It was a great way to spend the day.

On Wednesday we rented a Jeep Cherokee and took a “jeep hike” up to a location called Goose Creek. It was so. much. fun!! The trail up the side of the mountain was literally on the side of the mountain. One could easily, if not careful with their driving, roll a jeep right down the side. The road literally dropped right off the mountain. It’s hard to describe, but trust me when I say it was more than just a little scary! There were sections of the road so narrow that the Cherokee barely fit! But, oh, at the top of the mountain! A lake! And more mountains with snow still on top! And hiking trails. And old historic log cabins. And old mining caves and… bears! We were actually in bear country! The elevation of Red River, NM, was 8750 feet above sea level. Atop Goose Creek we were at 11500 feet!

When we arrived on Monday we spent time at Cabresto Canyon just playing in an open field. The boys found fallen pine trees and stacked them up to create a “fort.” It was piddly looking but it was fun to build it together. Claire, oh our fearless leader, decided she would just take off for a hike through the forest … no need for a trail… she was, as she said, good at hiking. Hannah followed her, cheerfully, as Hannah always does, until they got into the weeds and flowers that were hip high on both girls and Hannah stopped dead in her tracks and said, “I DON’T WANT TO GO CLAIRE!!  PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GO!!” and she broke down in tears. I know it’s not funny….she was scared… but it was SO funny. As if Claire could make Hannah go on a hike through dense forest…as if we’d LET them go off on a hike in the forest alone. It really was funny.

Pictures coming soon!