I am now accepting applications for private students wishing to clarify their technique work. Cecchetti examinations will not be required for these students unless the student is interested in obtaining accredited work for their ballet résumé (this is especially helpful for scholarship and grant applications.)

Private technique classes are used to solidify your present training, clean up any choreography you are working on, and prepare you to move into advanced ballet classes. Most technique training is done in soft slippers, but we can do limited pointe work at the barre. I also help address issues related to flexibility, teach you how to manage your breathing through allegro combinations, and you will learn comprehensive dance theory crucial to understanding placement & body alignment.

Additionally I am now accepting applications from teachers wishing to train in the Cecchetti Method. I am presently coaching two ballet teachers through the Cecchetti material, teaching ballet technique and theory, history, anatomy and physiology, musicality, choreography and other issues related directly to teaching ballet.

Please contact me at swalston3 @ yahoo dot com or send an online application through this website. Please include your email address or phone number so I can contact you once you’ve sent the application. Reference letters are available upon request.