I said I wouldn’t do it but you all knew I was lying. Even I knew and admitted then that I was lying. 

Since I clearly don’t have enough going on this fall – I need to add training for another 5k in to the mix. 

Actually I do need to do it because I need to go run – it’s good for me and helps manage my stress. As long as I don’t stress about HAVING TO GO RUN. Ha! (It’s a catch a 22 ya know.) My fall run is slated for December 13th – right in the middle of finals! (Why not??? It only takes 30 mins. to run a 5k!) And it’s a fairly cheap 5k – on $15. Most are at least $25. This 5k goes to benefit a charity which is cool. 

I’m not going to broadcast on the WWW where I’ll be running or anymore specifics, but if you want to know just drop a comment w/your email and if I know you personally I’ll clue you in. And…if you want to run with me…leave a note in the comment box!  It’ll be a lot of fun. Just think of how much fun Royce and I had last spring!! You know you want in on it! 

For you more sane folk, you can also walk the 5k. So – don’t let my insane drive for personal injury stop you!! WALK YOUR HEARTS OUT!! I already know about 5 people who are going to do the walk or run part, so you won’t be alone. 

I’ve put the link back up for the Couch to 5k Training Plan that I used in the Spring if you are interested. I think there are walking plans online too.