1. What do you admire most in a friend?

Compassion, Grace and Trust.


2. Where do you like to vacation? Beach, river, lake, snow, mountains?

Definitely the beach! 


3. What would you consider your taste in home decor?

Dysfunctional Minimalist


4. What do you think your flaws are (not physical)?

Oh too many to list. I’m overly critical. I can be negative and condescending. I can be very sarcastic when it’s completely not appropriate. I tend to correct people about things that aren’t important. Sometimes I worry too much about things and sometimes I let people walk all over me. I’m working on all those things but I’m only human. 
5. What do you think you’re best features are (again, not physical)?
I’m terribly loyal. And trusting. And loving. And genuine. And transparent. And strong in character. And strong in Spirit and strong in Faith. And I know I’m a closeted genius and that I could have been a famous ballerina. 🙂 


6. What’s your favorite TV show?

Oh that’s easy. Law and Order: SVU. I have a secret crush on one of the actors but YOU will NEVER guess which one!!
7. Do you prefer to read the book or watch the movie?
Read first, watch next, complain about the movie and then write a review about the whole experience on my blog. Ha!


8. Do you collect anything, if so, what?
I really had to think about this – so no. I guess not!!


9. What is your favorite book genre?
Depends on the season of my life. Right now: philosophical musings on Christianity.


10. What do you order at Starbucks?
I’m a lightweight: Passion Tea, unsweet. And no, I don’t add anything to it. Zero calories and a Venti is only $2.00 or something like that. 


11. What is the biggest challenge in your life today?
Juggling my life today: returning to college, home schooling the kids, studying ballet, teaching ballet AND training for a 5k AND being a wife AND most importantly: just being a mom….


12. Where would you like to visit most?
Aunt Beverly’s


13. Who’s your favorite author?
Me. HAHAHAHAHA  I’m SO JUST JOKING!!!  It really does just depend on the genre. 


14. Favorite musician(s)/singer?
Hmmm…. of all time?  Definitely Julie Andrews. She’s timeless. 


15. Biggest political issue on your mind (no judging each other):
You know – I don’t really know!!  I was so political in my Roaring Twenties that I’m really enjoying the Laissez Faire Era of my Thirties. 
16. Do you know your calling? If so, what is it?
Yeah, but I’m in reparation right now. I’m just being a mom and taking care of all those things in #11. My calling is the most important aspect of #11:  being a mom. I know that’s my calling b/c God gave me kids. For this season of my life. Eventually they will be grown and gone and I will have a different area of ministry. 


17. What is your biggest failure in life? 

I don’t know – I’m only 32 – I’m going to wait an answer this when I’m 55 and have had more time to make some really big mistakes!!  HAHAHA
18. What did you learn from it?
See the problem is, I always learn from failures so I don’t consider them failures. It’s just semantics. I think the worst decision I ever made was calling a certain church and asking for directions to their Sunday services. But really, God used it all for my good. So – how can I call that a failure?  Now if you want to start talking about what I think about the particular pastor of that church, I can use the word failure a hundred different ways! Hee hee!!
19. What is your proudest moment?
Oh these are hard questions!! Most recently was my acceptance to the Honors Program at Tx. State. On a less superficial level, it would be the moment I realized God had given my heart a song to keep singing to Him. Even though things were really hard. The moment I knew I could do it – and that I would do the right thing. Those are always my proudest moments -the moments I make the right decisions. 


20. Use one word to describe the person who sent this to you.
she is ……