I spent the ENTIRE DAY on my computer. HAHAHA

Except for the part where I got up, got dressed, and went to church. Church was good, too, btw. Great sermon which I should blog about but you know – more fun things to talk about right now!!

I moved a couple of times – but only for necessities. Like providing food for my family. Royce washed all the laundry today which was great. I mean, it’s not like it’s in MY job description or anything. And he cleaned the house and played with the kids. He knew I had important things to do today. 

Like transfer all my iTunes.

And configure my MobileMe account.

And figure out how to use my iDisk. 

And make a list of accessories that I need for my MacBook which include but are not limited to:

  • A wireless mouse
  • A wireless keyboard
  • A really cool protective case
  • A really dorky but I think super cool keyboard cover to protect from spills (yes, that IS likely to happen)
  • A matching protective case for my iPod
  • A handy dandy backpack
  • Some cool programs like Notebook, the WritersDream program (or whatever it is called), Landscapers Design program – you know – important stuff.. 
I’m gonna go now so I can get my iPod Touch set up. 🙂 It was free with the computer. It’s SO GREAT to be a student again!!  (At least for now anyway. Classes start in THREE DAYS. I’ll let you know Weds. night how things have gone. Oooohh…since I’ll have my Mac with me Weds. at school maybe I can LIVE BLOG.  hee hee I’m such a nerd.)