So I went back to The Apple Store this morning with everything in tow and just told them I wanted to return the computer and all extras and they were so nice about it.

They were more than happy to take the defective computer back … even though … at the store … the stupid thing booted up just fine. 

And no. I’m not joking. 

But they gave me a different computer anyway. 

So. I’m officially part of the cult now. But this time it’s not a bad thing.  

The boys and I are about to go to Starbucks to celebrate. And I bet Royce gets on my Mac while I’m gone. I can’t wait till Gwendolyn gets home from her fishing trip so she can give me some tutorials. And Sarah, when I come to Fort Worth, I’ll bring my Mac and we can have fun playing on our computers, taking espresso shots, and swap iTunes. LOL (Wait. Oh yeah. That’s illegal. Well. We won’t do anything illegal.)