The Most Disappointing $2k Ever Spent….

So I went to The Apple Store tonight and dropped all my cash on a new Macbook, Wireless Printer and iPod Touch. (The printer and iPod were free after rebate.)

Everything looks so pretty at The Apple Store, you would never even IMAGINE that when you got home and plugged in your MacBook that you would, in fact, never get to play with any of those fun toys you just bought!!

THE STUPID COMPUTER DOESN’T WORK!!! It won’t even boot up properly! I can go into all the reasons why it doesn’t work and what it’s doing and what might be wrong with it – but who cares?!?! I don’t want to mess with it! I’ve been down this road before – and I’m wondering …. did they just sell me a reconditioned notebook??

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love it – it hates me. When I bought my “snazzy new super user-friendly perfect for the beginning sewer who can grow into the machine” sewing machine a few years ago I had the same problem. It came highly recommended from a professional seamstress and it really was the “MacBook” of sewing machines. But…it didn’t work right from day one, and after 2 months of hassling with the stupid machine, I made the sewing machine store give me a new machine or a refund. Naturally they just gave me a new machine. And I’ve not had any problems since then. But it was such a hassle. I don’t want to even THINK about messing with a crappy computer in the middle of returning to college. I mean, honestly, who has time for this?? Well – maybe some folks do – but my patience with technology runs on a short rope.

I hope the people at The Apple Store are as nice tomorrow as they were tonight! HAHAHAHA


  1. AAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Get you one that works and try again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my imac and it has been soooo worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Ditto! We’ve had a Mac since 1996. I’ve never had a virus. Old age problems, yes! We’re on our second Mac now & we’ve had it for almost 4 years. It’s still going strong and does everything I need it to and more. We had so much trouble with our PC. Finally never fixed it the last time it broke (most likely caused from a virus) We haven’t missed the headaches. Both my kids have one. The only problem they have is not enough memory. They keep filling it up with photos and music and movies!
    Don’t do that, Sarah. You need to leave room for all those papers you are going to write!!!


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