It’s funny that Gwendolyn brought up the issue of evolutionists not liking certain aspects of a publicly funded charter schools curriculum. I wonder if they are aware that other publicly funded charter schools teach strict Christian/Religious curriculum which doesn’t just NOT include evolution, but actually teaches only Creationist Science. Here’s the blog Gwendolyn references in her rebuttal.

I think it’s funny because – today – as I was lesson planning for the Animal Kingdom Unit Study I am teaching at our co-op this fall – I came upon something in the curriculum that has to do with evolution and it was super annoying and I was going to blog about this anyway – so – seems Gwendolyn and I were on the same wave length… whatever that means! (That was a long sentence!)

So anyway, in this particular curriculum, each science lesson comes with activities, vocabulary, general information for the unit, worksheets, and then … an “Evolution Stumper” section that can be read to the students to help them develop some science logic. Personally, I rarely read that section to my own children because I don’t see the point of inundating a child with information that is opposing a subject we’ve never even broached. What does evolution have to do with the way a fish’s bladder functions for my 2nd and 4th grade students? To me it’s just illogical to teach evolution or creation as a science – I would rather teach them as belief systems. And since I am teaching a science class, and not a philosophy class, I just kind of breeze over the whole issue entirely. If that’s confusing to you, my apologies.

Now I will say that usually I find the “Evolution Stumpers” kind of interesting and can see how older children might be encouraged to “think outside the box” with a few of the examples that have been offered up in the curriculum. But the one I read today left me SOOO annoyed!!

*Definition of Entropy: A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.

OK, OK…since I know you are all curious, here’s the information that left me with a few ruffled feathers:

Evolution Stumpers: One of the important laws of science is called the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states simply, that everything moves from more order to less order. If you think of your bedroom, you can see this happening. When you straighten up the room on Saturday, by Wednesday, if you are there and don’t straighten it up again, it is less orderly than it was the day before. If this concept is applied to evolution, how can a one-celled amoebae develop into all other forms of life, each of which are increasingly more complex and orderly than the one before?

I’m not following their logic here!! See, to me – the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics has absolutely nothing to do with bedroom cleanliness. (Although the law IS related to Entropy!) The bedroom is not organic and there fore has no relevance to the study of Science. It is actually kind of offensive, on an intellectual level, that a science curriculum would choose such horrible (read: completely fallible) logic to PROVE creation science.

I mean, is this REALLY the muddy and illogical thinking skills we want our up and coming creationists to develop? Are we, as Christians just self-sabotaging by teaching such Science Twaddle just SO we aren’t teaching evolution?? PUH-LEEEEEZE! How stupid do you want your kid to look when they go to college? If you’re going to teach your kid that kind of crap, you might as well just NOT teach him and help him get settled into his career at McDonalds! Because if that is the protocol for teaching – then you aren’t doing your student a service!

You would actually be better off to just ignore the creation/evolution debate all together, answer your student’s science questions as fully as you can without telling them that a widely accepted theory is the absolute truth – and move on. But teaching that because the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics can’t be readily applied to bedroom orderliness, and that leads to the next (il)logical conclusion that because you can’t keep your bedroom clean – the amoebae can’t evolve….well….you might as well watch Spongebob Squarepants and teach Marine Biology based on the “facts” presented in that cartoon!!

Yes, children! Of course sponges and starfish hang out all day and chase after jellyfish with butterfly nets!!


That’s my rant for the day.

I’ll continue using this curriculum b/c there are SO MANY wonderful things about it – but thankfully I will be using some discretion in how much of this I really go into with the kids!!

For the record, I believe in the Biblical Order of Creation. But I also think that the study of evolution is important and, when the student is old enough to start assimilating information that is based on philosophical thinking, it should be presented as a well respected belief system held by many scientists around the world.

To balance this post out I’m going to hyperlink to a website called Evidences for God from Space. Enjoy!!