I found this super cute book at the library called “My First Book of Time” that teaches a child how to tell time. Hannah LOVES calendars and schedules and clocks and anything that is rigid structure basically!  So, I knew she’d jump at the chance to read the book with me and learn how to tell time. She’s smart enough, that’s for sure. Claire got all excited too and wanted to do the “home schooling” with us.

I really liked this book over a lot of other ones of the same theme because at the back of this book is a fold out page that has a clock with movable hands that the children can manipulate, which makes teaching easy and fun for them.

After Hannah finished her lesson I realized that I had just made a huge investment in checking out that library book! After I spent only 15 mins. working with Hannah on the lesson, she was able to turn around and spend about 45 mins. “teaching” the lesson to Claire! So, Claire is actually learning to tell time. She’s 4 – this isn’t something I would normally even think to teach a 4 yr old – but she’s picking it up so, why not!?

We only learned how to identify “something o-clock” in the first lesson. But they girls had fun.

Ok now I have to say – this was really some serious multi-tasking dual-credit classwork going on!  Here is Hannah showing Claire that it is “Something O-Clock”. Claire doesn’t remember her numbers all the time – just from sight – so we got her counting chart out. The counting chart we made one day, the three of us, and Claire uses it for “math class”. So Hannah would move the little hand to a new number and then Claire would look at the number, identify the same number on her counting chart, then count how many objects that number represented and then say, “It’s SOMETHING O-Clock!”

So wow – we covered a LOT of general education stuff in that one little time telling lesson!  Claire was learning to read her numbers, count, remember her numbers and tell time! Hannah too – was learning but on a different level. You tend to learn things faster when you are actively teaching them too!  It was fun to watch them work together like this.

Sisters are soooo cute!! I miss when Mandy would let me teach her things. At least Mary still indulges me. Or at least she lets me get away with thinking I’ve taught her something!!