I haven’t posted a Thursday 13 Post in a LONG TIME so I thought I’d give it a shot today!***

Here are 13 Things I’m Thinking About RIGHT NOW:

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m returning to college in 13 days!!! How weird is that gonna be?? I am so too old for college.
  2. The last time I was in college was 12 YEARS AGO!!! Yikes. That’s what I’m saying. I’ll be a good DECADE older than everyone else. Well….I do like to be in the center of attention, so – as they say – if you are going to make a late entrance to a party – you better REALLY know how to make an entrance!
  3. Everyday I stare, in awe, at Adri and wonder, WHO in the world thinks that I am mature enough to parent an 11 year old boy? Am I even OLD ENOUGH to have an 11 yr old?? (Don’t answer that.)
  4. I have 10 more things of which to write about for this post that is hyper-sub-themed with numbers and very random thoughts.
  5. Which reminds me, in just a few weeks, Ean will be 9 years old! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?? I might just cry on his birthday. *sniff sniff* I wonder what we are going to do for his birthday??
  6. There are 8 basic movements in dance which are specifically notated in the Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet. I oftentimes wonder how 8 basic movements can create so many different pieces of choreography!
  7. I face the same quandary when staring at a piano and wondering how, if there are only 7 notes in music, can so many different pieces of music be created!! (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti)
  8. There are 6 people in my immediate family (counting me). I also came from a family of 6 (counting me). I hope one day that each of my children have a family of 6 – it is a good solid number for a family. Then I’ll have 16 grandkids. There’s that 6 again!
  9. In 5 days I have to change up my college registration. I will be dropping the “Intro to Fine Arts” class and taking “The Meaning of Death” class instead. The Meaning of Death class is an Honors Class that I can get dual credit for in place of the Advanced Philosophy class that I would eventually need to take. I think it’s funny that I’ve been approved for an Advanced Philosophy Honors class, especially since I’ve never even taken a Philosophy class before. I told a friend that, depending on how the semester goes, we could probably have a lot of fun playing around with the fact that I took “The Meaning of Death” class after so many years away from academia. If things go bad we can say the title of the class was, in itself, foreshadowing. If things go well, it will be by the Grace of God, and then we can say that I’ve truly conquered death! YES! I am such a nerd!!!! I know! I know! But you gotta admit – it’s a pretty funny thought.
  10. I have gained 4 lbs. back and am now back at 122lbs. I don’t really care anymore – and am not worried about it at all. I haven’t been able to exercise (run or dance) all summer due to a sore ankle. Between that – and discovering what GOOD BEER tastes like there’s really no wonder I’ve gained a few extra pounds! [Seriously – the other day I had unpasteurized brew! Sean (beer guru) says it’s actually good for you – so….I’m not going to turn it down! It’s health food!!] But, my ankle is almost healed and once the fall gets here I’ll be running 3x/week and dancing 16 hrs/week. So, it will come off quickly. I’ll probably NEED to be drinking that beer for the health benefits by October! LOL! (Stress, vitamins, nourishment….how can we spin this???)
  11. If this is the Walston Family Nonsense Post #27, that means I only am obligated to 3 more!! And it’s only taken me THREE MONTHS to complete this blogging project! LOL! That’s kind of sad…. not that the project is coming to an end. But that it has taken me 3 months to write 30 “WFN” posts!!
  12. I really need 2 days in the house without anyone bothering me. I have some things that really need to get finished before August 25th rolls around and everyone’s classes start. I wonder if I can convince Royce to take the kids to see his parents for a few days?? (And yes, he reads this blog. This is my way of being subtle…..)
  13. I have 1 week of summer left. I wonder what all fun things we’ll do next week. How will you be spending the last week of YOUR summer? I sure wish I was going to the coast next week!!

***For the record, I started this yesterday morning. But it was just one of those days. So, since it was already an “Inverted Thursday 13” I figured what the hay…I’d just post it today anyway! *** It’s MY BLOG. I can do that if I want to!