Ok….this is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen!! (Well, you know what I mean!) I was just telling Royce and another friend that if I were a therapist, I’d go out of business really quickly because I just wouldn’t have the patience to listen to everyone’s stupid sob stories. So Wendy directed me to this video and I am still laughing about it – because she’s so right on – this is exactly what I’d be like if I were a therapist!!!

This is from Mad TV and the guest comedian in Bob Newhart. It’s completely clean – no language or anything. Thank goodness I’m not really a therapist!!!

On a side note, there IS a Sarah Walston who does personal, couple and family therapy. Isn’t that funny?? Do you think she’d give me an email address? I bet she’s not this kind of therapist though! She seems much more … calm….