We each have our own little daily routines – right? (Ok at least just agree with me for sake of argument and because you know I like to be right.)

Well, over the course of the summer, the kids’ routines have somehow morphed into the following:

  • Wake Up
  • Roll out of bed
  • Eat breakfast
  • Watch TV OR
  • Play the PS2 OR
  • Get on the Internet
  • Stay there for hours on end.

All before 8am.

The kids have cable TV they access in my room, a Playstation hooked up in the living room, and then their own computer in the school room. And by 8am, everyone except the 4 yr. old was plugged into something!

So. Sunday, August 3rd, we unplugged. Sunday night was the last time the children were allowed to play the playstation, watch cable TV, or get onto their computers. We packed the playstation up (for good!!). This was a huge ordeal but it’s done. We are cutting off our Cable TV (because I don’t watch it and children’s cable programming is pure TWADDLE for the brain) and the children don’t know it yet – but we are getting rid of their computer. It occurred to me recently – they don’t need their own computer!! It’s ridiculous. They only have it because WE didn’t want to toss it and it was still “usable”. Please. I was in 9th grade before I learned how to type – the kids don’t need to learn any sooner than that. The only thing they go online for is that the boys play the Lego or Bionicle site and the girls play the Barbie/Polly Pocket site. Personally, I think they can just as well go PLAY WITH their legos and bionicles and polly pockets and barbies….. why do they need to be on the computer???

They need to get plugged IN to their family and unplugged from their electrical outlets.

I will say that the kids have been much more agreeable this week than before. But we’re only on day 3, so I’ll wait a few more days until I make a full assessment. The funniest thing to observe is that they are really having a hard time functioning as children!! ! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said:

Ok – well you can:

  • Play a board game
  • Play cards together
  • Play with your legos
  • Color or draw
  • Read a book
  • Go outside
  • Jump on the Trampoline
  • Swing
  • Climb a tree
  • Play with your sisters/brothers
  • Get out the Playdough
  • Use your imagination
  • Get out your school books
  • Clean the house
  • Mop, Vacuum, Dust something
  • ….then just be BORED. I don’t care. But NO. We are not turning on the TV.

I don’t see any harm in a child being bored. I wouldn’t want them laying around idle all day – that’s excessive!! But – on the other hand – it’s good for them to clear their minds of all the junk that’s in there and just lay outside, in the grass or on the trampoline, and be BORED.

Call me a harsh mom if you want – but something in me tells me it’s OK for them to experience boredom.

We are on day 3 of the kids being unplugged and it’s going OH. SO. WELL!!!!

It’s going so well, in fact, that I just sent them all to their own little corners of the house with a book to read for 30 minutes. Just so the bickering, crying, whining and fighting will CEASE!!! A little separation …. and then they can get back up and play. Hopefully nicely again or we’ll have to go outside and do some yard work.

At least it’s only 87 degrees outside today!!