I don’t know – call me crazy and a skeptic but…I’m not buying it!

Poor Pete got stung by a jellyfish. And he posted a link to a Time Article on his blog which, of course, being the nerd that I am, had to go read.

And that article has prompted this response: Really?? ONE degree?

I didn’t read the whole article. I got stuck at this little sentence:

That, and the fact that global warming has raised the water temperature of the Mediterranean by a degree, have produced an explosion of the jellyfish population and a prolonged presence of the creatures in waters where humans like to flounder.


A DEGREE? has caused an EXPLOSION of jellyfish?? I like how it all, of course, relates back to global warming!! Everything in the 21st century is somehow tied back into global warming. Is it just me – or have other people noticed this too?

I thought it would be an interesting article to read. I am a dork. I grew up reading National Geographic for fun. And NOT the one for kids. (Thanks Gramma Lil!) I like to read about natural sciences and stuff like that and National Geographic is a rockin’ magazine! (For you Hyper-Creationists, just weed out the evolution stuff and enjoy the wonderful photography of God’s great Earth!)

But honestly now – how can they say that FOR A FACT global warming has caused the sea to increase in temperature by 1 degree. And how can they say, with any certainty AT ALL that THIS has ANYTHING to do with the increase in jellyfish ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

I’m just askin’ cause I don’t think Pete was anywhere near Greece. And he said there were a lot of jellyfish at the beach. And when we were at Malaquite Beach in April, there were scores of jellyfish all along the shoreline. You had to be really aware of where you were walking and standing in water. And that’s here in Texas – which isn’t anywhere NEAR the Mediterranean Sea!

And, another thing I am curious about….how exactly do they KNOW that the temperature of the water has been altered by ONE degree? Have they been tracking the degree of the water for the last, say, 100 years? In the same spot? At the same time of day? No matter the weather? Ok – good for them if they have – but I’d like Time to maybe follow a little basic journalism/reporting/writing rule: if you are going to state scientific FACTS in your essays….you need to be able to document them. Otherwise, who’s to say you aren’t just throwing stuff out there just for fun?? Global warming seems to be the new P.C. Science Explanation of All Things Weird in the World. Include that phrase in your article and you’re sure to sell magazines…

Just a thought.