Things have slowed down on the blogging front this week. It’s been kind of a long week.

I know it’s only Tuesday afternoon.

We really need to head over to the science store to buy Litmus Paper so we can do the science experiments which are planned for Thursday. And I need to try to find the boys some cub scout uniforms and I need to go pay Hannah’s Girl Scout fees. I also need to go to the gym and get my membership switched around and I need to type up the “Contract for Employment” papers which the “new” babysitters need to sign. Because I need to have all that squared away before the 15th.

I also need to check out some books from the library and get a head start on reading for one of the classes I’m taking this fall. And I need to lesson plan for the kids’ science class I am teaching at co-op. I also need to get some appointments scheduled with my guy in Austin so he can work on my foot some more (which is better, btw).

I really need to take all the kids clothes shopping – but I’m going to put that off until after labor day – when the stores aren’t as hectic. I also need to get the kids scheduled for their yearly checkups with the Dr and some other misc. appointments worked into the schedule. I can’t forget to also go to the grocery store, wash laundry, keep the house clean, stay on top of the kids schooling on Tues. and Thurs. mornings and then I just now remembered that I am supposed to be working on planning out a stretching routine for the ballet girls and the “boys dance class participants”!!!

My best friend is in Austin for a bit – they presently live in Japan – and I need to get a hold of her and schedule some play dates for August/early September before they go back. And I need to figure out what I’m going to do about MY ballet classes for the fall and when I’m going to take my Gr. IV Teacher’s Exam.  Oh and I almost forgot about going to go get my new laptop and getting Hannah signed up for speech therapy, piano lessons – and getting the boys started up in drum lessons. Which means we need to go find a drum set.

I love Craig’s List, btw, it’s great. Because when I get around to it, that’s where I’m going to buy the ping pong table that I think needs to adorn the living room. I am wondering if I could find a drum set on there too??

But…all this thinking about what I need to do makes me tired. So, I think, for now – I’m going to go lay down on the floor of my closet, with the door shut and the lights off….and just have some quiet time.

Ahhhh…my favorite time of day.