I’ve been having fun browsing my Aunt Beverly’s Facebook Photo Albums. My Aunt Bev is totally way cool. Just the fact that she has a Facebook Account should prove that point. I’ve talked about her before. You might remember This Desperate Plea and the naturally ensuing Ode of Gratitude from the month of May. (AKA: The Month of Insanity)

I love her bunches and bunches. I wish I lived in New Hampshire so I could hang out with her and my family all the time.

Wait!! I take that back. I hate snow…so…actually – I wish she lived HERE. In New Hampshire, it’s so cold in the winter that you can get a “wind burn” on your skin. I’m thinkin’ that if my skin is gonna get burned and it’s not gonna turn into a smokin’ hot tan – what’s the point??? Northerners are so weird. Who would ever live up there just for fun?? (Because that IS what it’s all about isn’t it?? At least, to Southerners it is!!)

So anyway, while browsing, I stumbled upon THIS photo and was so excited! Here are the THREE most wonderful women in my life! I think this must be the most current photo of all of them together – which I HAVE NEVER SEEN! Oh that’s right…we’ve already established that I’m photographically deprived. hee hee

Beverly (Aunt Bev), Cyndi (my Mom), Karen (Aunt KK)

My Grampa and Gramma’s Posterity.

My Direct Ancestry.

All in 1 photo.

Bet you can’t guess what order they “go” in – (which is a nice way of saying bet you don’t know who the oldest one is!!!)

Bev, do you have a cute photo of Heidi and Dan together?? And can you scan in the photo of Gramma and Grampa that Royce took – the one with Gramma in her blue dress and pearls?