I’m 32 and I don’t actually physically own any of my childhood photos.

Sorry, Mom. It’s really just the truth.

I was laying in bed LAST NIGHT thinking how sad it is that I don’t have any. I remember spending hours looking at family photos when I was a child. It helped me build and keep a sense of family ties. I know it did. My kids NEVER look back at family pictures because all the photos are on the computer, stored in a “photo safe archival box” … or they are at my Mom’s house, my Dad’s house or my Aunt’s house….

So. I was tickled pink to find THIS photo posted to my Facebook account from my Aunt Bev!

Here’s me with MY siblings – names and current ages b/c I don’t know what year this was taken….

It goes George (34), Mary (26), Mandy (30) and Me (32)

I miss looking at my childhood photos. They captured the good memories. Those are the ones I really like to focus on. Out with the bad – hang on to the good. That’s kind of always been a life motto for me.

I really need to just get the photos off the computer and into albums so the kids can at least look through them!!  I think it really does help strengthen those families ties. I really think it helps to weed out the bad and build up the good!

Thanks, Bev, for the photo. I think I’m going to print it off and frame it and set it by my bed.