My good friend Teresa has just published her new blog! I’m so excited! Teresa is actually Royce’s cousin and we have kids the same ages and we are the same age and we are both going back to school this fall and we’ve both been stay at home mom’s for the past decade (ok for me it’s been a decade, for Teresa maybe not quite that long!) We’ve just always had a lot in common. We are also very different – but that is what makes good friends good friends, right? Well – w/o going into a long essay on friendship – you all know what I mean!!

Teresa is really smart and amazing and clever and so organized – and one of the most level-headed people I’ve ever met. I actually sometimes find myself thinking, “I wonder how Teresa would handle this? She’s so diplomatic!!” (I am the exact opposite I think.) I am always excited when I know I’m going to get to hang out with her at family gatherings. I haven’t been able to go to ANY of Royce’s family events in like…the past year or so … and I have missed seeing her and her kids.

So – when she asked me if she should start a blog – for ALL SELFISH REASONS – I said YES! Absolutely! Because I always love to hear what Teresa has to say about things. And the blog posts she has up now have proven me right – I was just laughing out loud at them because I could HEAR her saying them!! SO funny!

So – hop on over to Teresa’s Blog and say hi! You’ll be glad you went – the post about O-Bama Jelly is my favorite so far!!