Oh I really loved this book. I read it back in November of last year and am just now getting around to writing the review. I may go back and read it again. It was just so poignant and moving. It was so – personal. There were so many elements to this book that hit home in so many ways – it was unspeakable. I picked the book up at the airport on my way home for Indianapolis when I spent Thanksgiving with my Mom.  I don’t know why but there was just something about it that was familiar to me.

I didn’t know it was going to be so personal of a story!

Of course the storyline itself bears no resemblance to my life. I did not have twins and my husband did not give one away because she had downs syndrome. And I didn’t have an affair with some hot hunk on a beach in Tahiti (well…I’ve never been to Tahiti so – that’s an obvious one!)  But the undercurrents – the sub-themes – those are the ones that resonated deep.

And although I may not agree with the choices the characters in these stories make, while I may find them morally wrong and would not make the same decisions with my life I can relate to WHY they have made those choices and I can find a commonality with the characters. They become, for the time I am reading the book, almost like dear friends. IF the book is good that is. If the book is bad, the characters are like salesmen to whom I shut the door in their face and don’t look back as I walk away to resume other more interesting activities. 🙂

Books to me are not just about stories. They can become personal. They can  become relational. Charlotte Mason teaches that parents must be on guard with what books their children read because the children form relationships with the authors and characters and storylines in the books and the books can be very influential on the shaping of a child’s character. I have always agreed with Ms. Mason on this one! Even before I read her teaching on this from the 1800s! We may laugh and think – what could they have possibly written about in the 1800’s which would be offensive considering the material available today! But remember – there ain’t nothin’ new under the sun!!

I heartily recommend this book. It is so moving. So touching. It is so much more about humanity than it is about betrayal. The ending is bittersweet – but it is reality. There is no happy-go-lucky ending here. This is a story about people who do what they think is right in the face of extreme adversity. The key word there is “THEY” – not what IS right … but what THEY think is right.

This is a wonderful book. I’m glad I own it.

I’m not so glad I saw the Lifetime Movie though. That, on the other hand, was a complete disappointment. Don’t waste your time.