A few days ago I asked Royce if he took any photos while I was gone. I kind of wanted to see what had been going on while I was in Michigan and also, I thought it would give me some stuff to blog about….because I really haven’t had any GREAT FUNNY photos to write funny stories to this month.

He said, “No. I don’t think so.”

Well tonight I took some photos of what will be tomorrow’s Walston Family Nonsense post – and when I went to download them onto the computer guess what I found.  233 photos that needed to be downloaded!


That’s what I said!!

There’s all KINDS of photos to blog about.

And here I sat blogging piddly things all day today. Like book reports and acrobatic ballerinas. When I could have been blogging fun photos of the kids.

It’s all Royce’s fault.

Most everything around here is.  Hee hee… Just Kidding Honey!!

Tomorrow I’m taking the kids to see a movie in the morning and then in the afternoon I have a few phone calls to make – but after that, I’ll be ignoring the entire family while I get caught up! Or at least make an honest attempt to get caught up!

So much to do – so little time!! I can’t wait until I can get my Mac – then I could blog while I’m at the movies and stuff.  You think other people would mind?  We could sit in the back….