“A Moment of Sarah” happens when … somehow … one of those ridiculous scenarios that I conjur up in my head as “wouldn’t that be funny IF that happened” actually happens. The twist is this – it isn’t until LATER, when I replay the scene in my head, that I realize what has actually happened. THAT’s actually, “The Moment of Sarah.”

Let me give you the latest occurrence.

Friday afternoon I went in for the MRI of my foot. The radiologist was a very nice lady who asked, “Ok what happened then to your foot, and where is the most pain?”  This is a difficult question to answer as really just the whole dang foot hurts but I gave it my best effort.  She said, “Ok. And what is it that you do – how did you hurt it?”

And I said, very nonchalantly, “I’m a dancer….”

The strangest look came across her face and she just said, “Oh. OK.” She wasn’t looking directly at me – but writing notes on some paper.

I take a mental note about her facial expression but do not spend enough time deciphering it and I just continue on saying, “…and I don’t know what happened, really. I mean it’s been hurting for months. I ran a 5k in April just fine. But I don’t know if it was when I wore a certain pair of heels one night and I was in them all night long – because they did give me a big blister right on my 1st metatarsal and my achilles tendon and those are the two places where the pain has originated from. My other foot was OK though. And the next day was fine. I mean I had a private class a few days later and I was able to dance the whole time without any pain so I didn’t worry about it. The pain has just come and gone ever since then and now it’s chronic. But I haven’t worn THOSE shoes again! That’s for sure!” *nervous giggle* I could see that she was trying hard to maintain professionalism but I wasn’t really sure what I had said that had made her uncomfortable!!

She didn’t really have much to say after that except, “OK well, Sarah, we will get this MRI done and this will tell the Dr. if you have torn tendons or ligaments or strains or whatever is going on in that foot of yours! So…”

She didn’t look at me again – until the exam was over and then I got the most compassionate look when said, “Well, I really hope that things get better for you.” And I thought, “Oh that was so sweet. She sure is nice.”

It wasn’t until yesterday that it occurred to me….SHE THINKS I’M AN EXOTIC DANCER!!!!  That’s why she was so uncomfortable with my explanation of what I did and why my foot was hurting.

I think from now on I’ll just say, “I teach ballet.” That makes more sense and is less confusing to the whole of society!