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2nd Quarter Goals Reporting

I originally posted THIS LIST on 12/19/2007 and then an Updated List on April 6th. It was originally a list I compiled in December of things I wanted to do in 2008. I wrote it in early December and actually started adjusting my lifestyle so that 2008 wouldn’t seem so overwhelming. It was a good idea because – I’ve actually accomplished almost everything … and then more!

Top 10 Things I Want To Do in 2008 – in no particular order.

  1. Run that ever elusive 5K! **DID IT!!*
  2. Pass my Gr. III and Gr. IV ballet teacher exams (not easy!!!). **DID IT** (Side note: Gr. IV isn’t gonna happen. Moving that to the 2009 list!)
  3. Perform again – like as in, on stage, in a real production. **Yeah….that’s not going to happen either. Hard to do that with a bummed foot. So, we’ll just move that off the list too – onto 2009!
  4. Go back to college. **Classes start August 25th!
  5. Pass my Biology and History Clep tests. I will NOT be taking ANY Clep tests. Revised to read: Sign up for Summer Flex II Speech Class at SAC. Let’s do a total revision here: I was accepted into the Honors Program at Tx. State. This means I get to take specialized courses for honors students in lieu of certain general required courses. Speech and History are two of those courses that I get a little bit of a “break” on. I still have to take History 1310 (signed up for the internet course) but next semester I can take a class called, “Baseball: The American Experience” through the Honors Program and it will count towards my History 1320 requirement. How FUN is that!! The same sort of thing applies to the speech credit that I need. Sadly, I fear, there’s no way to get out of general science courses!!! Now the Honors Courses are not easier than the gen. required courses – they are just different. There are less students, they are more focused classes, they are Writing Intensive classes, they are more interesting….so – to me – they seem more worth my time. I can’t stand to sit in a classroom bored to tears.
  6. Go to the beach!! **DID IT!!**
  7. Lose the last 15lbs. **DID IT!!** I’m down to 118 lbs. I wear a size 2 comfortably in most clothes. That’s fine with me. No need to go for the anorexic look. I started off at 181 lbs. I like that I’ve ended up with the same numbers just in a different order. That’s funny!!
  8. Go camping **We plan out Scouting stuff on August 12th. I bet we go camping sometime this fall for sure!
  9. Start the home renovation process. **Well. It’s started. That’s all I have to say about that.
  10. Pay off my car. **DID IT** Of course, I didn’t really intend on taking ON another loan – but whatever….
  11. Get my teeth whitened. Seriously??? I was worried about this?? How funny!! **I’m leaving this on here because I think it’s so funny that I actually put it on a “Goals List”. HAHAHA They do have whitening stations at Sam’s Clubs now. Maybe the next time I go for a grocery run….

So I only really have 2 things that will get moved to the 2009 list: performing in a production and taking my Gr. IV exam. The Gr. IV exam goal was really a bit over-achieving to be honest. But, you know, whatever!

We will go camping this fall and we have started the home renovation process. However much we get finished this year is beyond me. This house needs an extreme makeover which means we need an extreme amount of money to just arrive out of nowhere that we don’t have to pay back!! LOL!!

It’s only July – but I’ve already started thinking about what I want to do in 2009. How about you? Have you accomplished what you wanted to do in 2008? Have you started thinking about 2009? Notice that I didn’t list lofty spiritual goals or abstract ideological pursuits. Just simple concrete things that I could feasibly (or not) accomplish that were specifically for me. Not for the kids, or for Royce or for the marriage or for whatever. But for me. Me ME ME!! It’s all about ME!!!!

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  1. Oh. my. gosh. I, at 145 pounds am so JEALOUS of your weight. I swear, the weight loss begins after I am finished recovering from this surgery!!!!!! Please send any information that helped you my way. I have checked out the couch to 5k website and will look again when I have the greenlight from my ob/gyn.


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