For those that know – my left foot has been bothering me for weeks months. Really since May. But I just kept going b/c I was not being responsible with the injury. I never “injured” it … in that I mean I never can think of one instance where I specifically did something that hurt it.

Anyway – when in Michigan, the pain in my foot became quite intense and I called my Dr from there and scheduled an appointment for the 22nd (Tuesday). I went in and he was quite concerned because I’ve already seen him twice regarding this foot. But I haven’t really been in so much pain before. Long story. He is sending me for an MRI on Friday and then I’ll follow up with an Orthopedist on August 4th.

But – the short story is – he is fairly certain that I’ve torn a ligament….or two…or three…. and I’m supposed to stay off my foot as much as possible until I see the Ortho. guy. Fun fun! So I am on Darvocet for the pain….I had to go back into his office yesterday afternoon, near tears, and tell him the ibuprofen just wasn’t helping. I don’t know if the Darvocet is helping either – or that it just makes me drowsy and numb all over. LOL! And I’m on crutches so I don’t have to put full weight on my left foot. And that has helped a lot with the pain.

I probably shouldn’t have gone to Michigan – and probably should have taken care of this immediately following my teacher’s exam back in June. But. You know. Whatever. It is what it is.

It’s just so great that this has happened FIVE WEEKS BEFORE COLLEGE STARTS!!!

I love God’s sense of irony.

More on that later.