Yesterday it was 97 degrees outside and it felt like an OVEN since there was NO WIND.

I was missing Michigan somethin’ awful.

The Saturday I had to fly out, the shuttle had to pick me up at 12:45pm, which was in the middle of the girls’ performances, so I actually didn’t get to say bye to ANY of “my girls” (they know who they are!). I was really sad about this. I got attached to a few of them and had a hard time leaving without getting to even say a proper goodbye! So, I’m going to do it here!

To my fellow floor counselor Cari: I hope your wedding this weekend is beautiful and you have a wonderful time. I spent 2 weeks preparing for my wedding and we only had 12 people in attendance and our wedding reception was at a restaurant and if I had to do it all over again….I’d do it exactly the same way! We spent our money on our honeymoon. NOT on the wedding. I even bought my wedding dress at Banana Republic!! I think it was even on sale for $35.00. I believe my shoes cost more than the dress. What was important was that I was marrying Royce. Nothing else. I am sorry I didn’t get to give you a hug bye! Thanks for running to Taco Bell for me and getting me a HARD SHELL TACO. Even though, for the record, I NEVER eat at Taco Bell in Texas.

Kendall: You are so much fun. I hope your bunions are feeling better now that they’ve had some rest. I really would have never believed an 18 yr old could have bunions that looked like Royce’s Granny’s feet, but you’ve proven me wrong! I’m sorry I didn’t get to tell you bye. You are amazing. Stay focused. Do what you need to do for your feet and take care of yourself. You are going to go professional! Don’t get distracted from your goals!! You are at the age where you will either make it or you will become distracted and get off track. I want to see your name in lights!! Congrats on getting 1st runner up for the scholarship. I know you wanted first place, but you gave it your all and I was so proud of you for doing the fouttes (did I spell that right??) on pointe!! Maybe “that other girl” won’t come next year and you’ll be there in her place!! πŸ™‚

Elena: I hope you enjoy the coffee mug or saved it to give to your Mother. That would be the clever thing to do! Thank you for ironing my dress and doing all the other incidental things I asked you to do for me! You were a huge help! I hope you work hard this year and have a great time dancing!

And lastly – to Aquabear!!!!! (AKA Courtney)

I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I didn’t get to tell you bye and give you a big “bear hug”!! Just so you know – I actually stood at your dorm room door and took my favorite photo of you and Kendall off your door. I was going to bring it home with me, scan it in and post it to the blog. But then I felt bad about stealing it and so I didn’t and now I’m sad because I don’t have any photos of you two and I miss you! You were so much fun and made camp such a joy! You really brought such a joyful spirit with you to the dorm and I don’t care what anyone says – if you want to believe in aquabears, more power to you! Thank you for vacuuming the hallway, unnecessarily. Thank you for always being willing to help with whatever. Thank you for always obeying all the rules that we felt necessary to enforce at whatever given moment and thank you for not telling on us for breaking the rules that we felt like breaking at whatever given moment. You rock Aquabear!! I love you bunches and the ONLY reason I will consider coming back next year is because I want to hang out with you again! (Oh and Tina, Dina and Charlie, too. Naturally!) I was so so so sad that I didn’t get to tell you bye. But I DID get to see you in your dress rehearsal and it was so beautiful!

Enjoy the aquabears I bought you. They are “12 of a Kind”. HAHAHAHA!

Stop by often and leave me lots of comments!! It’ll be like camp never ended. You can also leave your email address when you leave a comment and I will email you privately and then you will be able to email me whenever you want!!

I totally want to fly to Michigan this winter and see you all perform in The Nutcracker! Wouldn’t that be so cool if I could do it!?!?! You never know! Keep me posted!!!

Lots of love girls! I miss you all so much and am looking forward to next year!