I often wonder what kids dream about, but I’ve never had such a young child share their dreams with me quite like Claire did today! She presumed that since I was IN her dream, that I had experienced her dream too!! The way her mind thinks is so amazing to me! She is just….captivating!

She came up to me and said, just randomly, “Mom, do you remember our dream last night? When it was nightnight time and the moon was big and he had a bright face and we were in a big space ship that was going around the moon and we went outside and you smashed the moon’s face and then he actually ate you and then he ate me!  Do you remember our dream last night? ”


I started laughing, of course, because that’s so nonsensical! Only Claire would imagine that since I was in HER dream that I must know what she’s talking about! Typical Walston….thinking the world revolves around them….


AND THAT’S RIGHT BABY!!!  The WALSTON FAMILY NONSENSE POSTS ARE BACK!!!  I have 10 more to go to complete my original goal and then of course, you know, I’ll keep the tradition going. Why stop a good thing? You know you love ’em!