It was so nice to see all the kids and Royce and my Mom at the airport!! The kids were so so so cute!!! I have never been away from them for that long, so it was a big stretch for everyone. They did really great though!

I have to say, for the record, I am impressed! I came home to a completely CLEAN house with all the laundry done AND the kitchen decorated up with pink balloons, crepe paper, welcome home signs the kids made, and a Cookie Cake on the table! ALL my favorite things!! Royce did great!

I didn’t even unpack a thing last night. We ate cookie cake, put the kids to bed, and then I climbed into my own bed – ahhhh…. complete with air conditioning….double ahhhhhhh…..what a treat! (There was NO a/c in Michigan!) I slept in late and woke up to little Claire Bug Bug snuggling with me. She’s so cute and sweet and cuddly in the mornings. It’s the best time of day. I’ve always let my kids sleep with me whenever they wanted to because no matter how bad the night time was – I’ve never (ok at least for the most part) EVER regretted waking up with them curled up next to me. It’s one of the sweetest moments in a mom’s day. Of course that’s IF you wake up BEFORE one of them starts crying, fussing, fighting or whining. Let’s keep it all in perspective….

I TOTALLY MISSED EVERYONE!!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been on the phone all day calling all my friends but I’ve been enjoying the day with the kids and Royce. This evening when it cools off we are going to the Japanese Tea Gardens. Tomorrow the week starts up full force and everything will get blurry again! LOL!

Anyway – Michigan was fun. It’d be fun to go up as a counselor again. I don’t know if I’d ever go up as a teacher to take the teacher classes. Who knows! Who ever thought I’d go up there as a counselor? In a few years maybe Adri can go up there as a student! That’d be fun for him.

More later – I need to go unpack now! FUN FUN!