Howdy Folks!

I’m in the zone. That is…. I only have 3 more classes to supervise and then I’m HOME FREE. Today is my last day chaperoning students! YAHOO!!! I have seen more ballet classes in the past 2 weeks than I ever thought humanly possible!!  It’s been great fun though. Yes, there are some funny and not so funny stories – but this blog is not the space for it – and no one would really get the stories anyway because you weren’t here!

But for the record my favorite parts of camp have been – in no particular order –

  1. Dina, Charlie and Tina
  2. Mandatory Soda Pop Meetings at 10:45pm for select counselors
  3. “WWYMS!!” Wrist Bands for the Dancers*
  4. The Policy and Procedure Manual for the Assembling of the Lanyards
  5. Yelling “NO TALKING” at the girls in the locker room!!!!
  6. Singing my RESPECT song to the girls at the Karaoke Party*
  7. My Motto of the Day*
  8. My Night Time JIngle*
  9. Purposefully groaning at the top of my lungs in the middle of the courtyard where all the students were as I walked back to my dorm after a really long day with a bunch of really rowdy kids — and then Dina and I laughing so hard about it that we had a hard time walking into the dorm!
  10. Ping Pong Tournament Sarah Style
  11. Saying Y’all to the Northerners excessively on purpose
  12. Calling Ms. Simmons, “That British Gal”
  13. Telling someone, “No, I don’t know so-and-so who lives north of Dallas in some obscure little town.” And having them say, “Oh well, I just thought because you were from Texas you might know her.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  
  14. Laughing so hard my sides hurt with Dina and Charlie
  15. Confiscating cookies from the dining hall for our pizza party so we didn’t have to buy dessert. The girls thought that was really funny.
  16. The New Rules we wrote up
  17. Having this coming Friday and Saturday totally OFF DUTY.
  18. Dina trying to kill me in her car.
  19. Ballet Brain!!
  20. And I think the Awards Banquet tomorrow night is going to be a lot of fun.

WWYMS Wrist Bands:  Instead of WWJD Wrist Bands I told the girls I was going to get them wristbands that said, “WWYMS!!” which stands for WHAT WOULD YOUR MOTHER SAY!!  It was funny.

My RESPECT song goes like this:

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, That is what you need to give me. No more talking in class for you. And get off all of those barres too!!!

Motto of the Day:  Smart Dancers Dance, Foolish Dancers get sent HOME.

Night Time Jingle (you gotta say it with a little rhythm):

9:00 In YOUR Dorm
9:30 On Your Floor
10:00 To Your Room
10:30 SHUT YOUR DOOR!!!!

I’ll be home Saturday evening sometime!  See you all soon!