Hello everyone!!

I made it to Michigan safe and sound. My flights were very uneventful which is always a good thing! I spent Saturday getting settled into my living space at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. On Sunday I returned to the airport for “Transportation Coordinator”. I got to be the person who stands at the airport with the sign, you know, that says, “CCA HOPE COLLEGE”. Except I didn’t do that. I just looked for people who seemed to be dance teachers, pianists or young students. I did really great! I found everyone on my list plus a few extras. 12 hours later, with 24 passengers accounted for which required 7 different taxi’s back to the college, and only ONE piece of lost luggage – I returned to my dorm room and literally crashed. I haven’t done that kind of strategic planning in ages. One flight, carrying 12 of the 24 passengers had to be unloaded and all the passengers were loaded onto different flights and so then what was supposed to be a simple pick up became an all day event while I waited, and waited, and waited some more, for the last of the weary travellers to arrive.

But it was ok. I got to spend time meeting and talking with the guest teachers. WHICH include Olivier Munoz, Peter Pawlyshyn and Kate Simmons. There are other amazing guest teachers, but these are the few I met at the airport. Along with the pianists – the girls at the camp are getting to dance to live piano music. It’s SOOOOOOOOO wonderful. I can’t tell you…. it makes such a difference.

Anyway – I gotta run. It’s almost time for lunch and I have to go get my girls ready for their 1:30pm class!!

I’m going to post real quick about The Monk though!!

I should be online in another day or two and will drop a note then!  

I do have to say – it’s been a nice couple of relaxing NO COMPUTER days!